HR message

Suzuki Motor Corporation has been present in Hungary since 1991, producing compact and medium category vehicles for the local and international markets. After the country’s change of political and economic systems, it was Magyar Suzuki Corporation that restarted car production in Hungary, and by now, it has become one of the leading players of the vehicle industry here.

In Japan as well as in Hungary, the Suzuki Group’s main values are excellence in quality, products tailored to customers’ needs and requirements, a work environment that encourages innovation, the importance of team work, and permanent self-improvement.

Our objective, to produce cars of outstanding quality, can only be achieved through working with utmost care and the fullest attention. In this, human resources, skills and technology play the main roles.

All of our colleagues are expected to be fully committed to quality in work, as well as to self-improvement and product development.

Therefore, Magyar Suzuki Corporation looks for employees who will become our most excellent and most committed colleagues, and will help us continue to provide the highest quality of products and services for our customers.

For those who join our company, we provide not only a safe and steady workplace but also multiple training opportunities in order to help them meet the highest challenges posed by fast developing vehicle technologies, and to improve their key competencies and skills essential for our work.

If you would like to join one of Hungary’s largest companies and consider that you possess the qualities that will make you a useful member of our team, come back regularly to our careers page, find out as much as you can about us, and join us to work together in the future, producing Suzuki vehicles of outstanding international quality.

Tamás Tarnai
HR Director