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Award for the Leaving Managing Director of Magyar Suzuki

Yoshinobu Abe, the leaving managing director of Magyar Suzuki Corporation received the „Pro Urbe City of Esztergom” award.
For his work for the city of Esztergom, fair leadership and humane attitude, Yoshinobu Abe the stepped down Managing Director of Magyar Suzuki Corporation, has received the „Pro Urbe City of Esztergom” award.


Magyar Suzuki Corporation has set up a vaccination point

Employees of Magyar Suzuki Corporation will have the opportunity to be vaccinated with coronavirus vaccine at the company. Vaccination will begin this week in line with Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s working schedule with vaccines provided by the Hungarian Government.


Magyar Suzuki Corporation Turned 30

The Hungarian car industry and Magyar Suzuki Corporation has reached a significant anniversary in 2021. After a 50-year hiatus, car production revived in Hungary in the spring of 1991. About 3.6 million Suzuki cars were made in Esztergom since the company’s foundation three decades ago. If we lined up so many cars in a row, we would get from Suzuki in Esztergom to the Hamamatsu plant of the Japanese parent company. Moreover, we could also start our journey back. So far, Vitara has been manufactured in the highest volume. The 3.5 millionth Suzuki also became a hybrid version of the crowd-favorite model last year. Magyar Suzuki started series production of hybrid vehicles in December 2019. From January 2020 onwards, the company is selling hybrid cars in the European Union markets.