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Multi-billion factory developments at Magyar Suzuki

The manufacturing company in Esztergom presented its financial results for 2023. In 2023, Magyar Suzuki Corporation sold more than 161 thousand cars, of which more than 156 thousand rolled off the production line in Esztergom. They exported 92.9 percent of the total production abroad, these cars found buyers in 123 countries around the world. The volume of production in Esztergom increased by 24.3 percent compared to the year 2022, while the revenue from domestic and export sales increased by 33.9 percent. Magyar Suzuki closed the 2023 domestic new car registration summary with 12,167 cars and a market share of 11.3 percent. Meanwhile, the manufacturing company in Esztergom invested nearly 55 million euros in investments.


We use cars for commuting and shopping

We find it hard to give up our cars, even though the majority of people, by their own admission, use their vehicle for barely five hours a week – as revealed by a survey conducted by Magyar Suzuki . We mainly use cars for commuting and shopping, so it’s perhaps no surprise that a shopping bag is one of the most important items found in most cars. The little time we are in the car isn’t spent in silence though: we talk on the phone or listen to music or podcasts while driving. Route planners also play an important role in our lives: most of the surveyed drivers can’t imagine reaching their destination by relying solely on their instincts.


Real Madrid Wins the 16th Puskás-Suzuki Cup

After a year-long hiatus, the Puskás-Suzuki Cup was held in Felcsút during Pentecost, supported from the beginning by our manufacturing company in Esztergom. Real Madrid won the U17 football tournament.