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Suzuki introduces the new Swace in Europe

Suzuki has launched the new Swace, a stylish and versatile station wagon with an athletic design, smooth and stable riding comfort, and advanced hybrid performance.
The Swace is the second vehicle to be supplied to Suzuki by Toyota Motor Corporation under a collaborative business agreement between the two companies. Sales are set to start in Europe this winter.


Suzuki Aims to Regain Its Market-Leading Position

Hungary’s leading hybrid distributor is optimistic about the future. - After a low point in April, Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s monthly sales figures have been showing a serious growth. Hybrid Suzuki models are very popular among the customers, so it is a realistic objective for the leading hybrid distributor in Hungary to regain its market-leading position in the last two quarters of 2020.


Suzuki Introduces the Jimny Light Commercial Vehicle in Europe

Suzuki has introduced a new 2-seater light-commercial vehicle version of its small and lightweight off-roader, the Jimny. Since its launch in 2018, the model has attracted both private-users and professionals who seek for an authentic off-road performance.
To further meet the needs of professionals, the new Jimny light commercial vehicle model comes with a large luggage compartment with a flat floor and safety cargo partition.