Environmental policy

Magyar Suzuki Corporation Limited, (MSC) manufactures passenger automobiles in Hungary. The main lines of its activities are the stamping, welding, painting of cars and their accessory parts, moulding and painting plastic components, and assembling cars. As an auxiliary activity, MSC produces and stores some types of spare parts.

MSC is directly responsible for the sustaining and permanent improvement of the present state of its environment, and it considers environmental protection as an organic part of the development process.

MSC is familiar with the relevant environmental laws and regulations, and pursues its activities in full accordance with them.

Fully aware of its responsibility for the environment, MSC undertakes the following:

To reduce direct emission

-        MSC keeps the level of VOC (organic solvents) air pollutants safely below the 45 g/m2, as specified by the relevant regulations.

-        We will reduce the specific amount of dangerous waste produced by 15% from the amount in 2010 by the end of 2013, with special focus on varnish and paint sludge.

-        Before emissions we permanently control the quality of treated waste waters and the precipitation water collected from the factory site.

-        We will reduce the amount of communal waste per capita below the national average by the end of 2013.

To reduce indirect environmental hazards

-        In order to secure the optimal placement of waste materials, in the disposal of dangerous waste, we prefer companies who have their own dangerous waste burners or deposit sites, and have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 or EMAS certificates.


-          The data from the permanent VOC (organic solvent) measuring instruments installed earlier at the major emission points of MSC are also sent online to the environmental protection authority.

-          Under the relevant air protection laws and regulations, we monitor the spread and the affect area of emitted organic pollutants (VOC).

To preserve natural resources

MSC pays special attention to contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse effect directly and indirectly by reducing its energy consumption.

We contribute to the protection of sub-surface water reserves by optimizing our industrial water consumption.

MSC makes every effort to increase the quantity of recyclable waste materials and minimize the quantity of disposed non-recyclable waste materials.

We eminently seek opportunities and ways to utilize renewable energy resources.

To keep to the relevant laws and regulations

-          We pursue all of our activities in full accordance with the relevant Hungarian and international laws and regulations.

-          We consider it as a priority to observe the regulations pertaining to the activities of manufacturers regarding scrap cars.

For communication

-          MSC informs its suppliers and the contractors working at its site about its commitment to environmental protection and requires them to cooperate in keeping to the principles of its management regulations focused on environmental protection.

-          MSC encourages and requires its contractors to improve their standards of environmental protection.

-          In an external communication brief, MSC informs the public and the interested parties of its goals, activities and achievements in environmental protection.

To increase environmental awareness

MSC trains and encourages its employees to work in full accordance with the company‘s environmental policy.