Green factory

A green car manufacturer

Productivity and environmental protection - these two concepts are hand in hand at the Esztergom factory. Suzuki has established a new industrial culture, focusing on the creation of new workplaces and local/regional development in an environmentally conscious way, while also utilizing the limited resources of the Earth efficiently.

For the sake of preserving the harmony of nature and mankind, Magyar Suzuki Corporation always puts safety and environmental protection in the forefront of all its production processes/activities, including pressing, welding, painting of vehicles and vehicle parts and the entire assembly. The company bears a direct responsibility to conserving and constantly improving the state of the environment and regards environmental protection as an integral part of its own development.

Besides quality, Magyar Suzuki Corp. pays special attention to the protection of environment during its manufacturing processes. The environment-friendly operation of the company complies with the ISO 14 001 environmental management system standards, as well as the ISO 9001 quality management standards. All currently produced models are equipped with engines which meet the strict Euro-5 environmental standards.

MSC also acquired the "Authorized Economic Operator" - AEO certification, by which the company is absolutely in the forefront of the current requirements of supply chain. AEO is an internationally acknowledged certificate which proves the excellence of a company within international trading, therefore by AEO our company has become reliable, low-risk, authorized economic operator with long term advantage of the certificate that leads to increased efficiency and cost reduction.

According to the company's environmental policy, Magyar Suzuki Corporation keeps the volatile organic compound (VOC) air contamination level associated with its operation, in the interest of reducing direct gas emission, safely below 45 g/m2, as specified by the relevant regulations. At the same time, the company is committed to reducing the specific volume and cost of dangerous waste being produced, with special regard to lacquer and paint sludge. In order to decrease indirect environmental risks, Magyar Suzuki Corporation favors companies possessing their own hazardous waste burning or storage site when expediting and accommodating dangerous waste

In order to preserve natural treasures and resources, the company contributes directly and indirectly to the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases through reducing its energy consumption and in addition, it protects subsurface water reserves by optimizing its industrial water usage. The company's objective is to increase the level of reusable waste while reducing the specific volume of deposited industrial waste.

Magyar Suzuki Corporation was among the first car manufacturers to develop the end-of-life vehicle disposal network in line with the ELV-regulations (the regulations of the government decree on end-of-life vehicles) in force. The company pays attention to recycling and avoids the use of hazardous materials.

In order to pass on to the next generation a clean environment and bountiful society, Suzuki Motor Corporation has instituted the Suzuki Environmental Plan 2015, an effort towards environmental preservation, and the Suzuki Biodiversity Protection Guideline - a guideline for efforts of protection and sustainable utilization of “biodiversity” under Suzuki’s business activities, both of which are based on the Suzuki Global Environment Charter.