Year 2010 performance of Magyar Suzuki

Magyar Suzuki Corporation (MSC) held its yearly General Assembly with the participation of the shareholders. The GA accepted the 2010 Fiscal Report of MSC. The company managed to maintain its fiscal stability and achieve the targeted production in 2010.

MSC produced 170,031 units in 2010, which is a 5.6% decrease from the 180,166 unit production in 2009. Total sales of the company in 2010 were 172,805 units, including the sales of 1296 imported vehicles. The 2010 performance of the company resulted in a total net sales income of 1,535million EUR.


The total export sales in 2010 were 169,580 units of own-produced cars, of which 62,019 units were Swift, 54,424 units SX4/Sedici and 53,137 units Splash/Agila models.


The Hungarian passenger car market showed a further decline from 2009. In 2010 2,264 Suzuki vehicles were registered in Hungary including imported vehicles and out of MSC’s own production: 399 Splash, 739 SX4 and 849 Swift models.


In other sales areas, such as the motorcycle and outboard engine segment, the slide could also be experienced, with a total of 370 Suzuki motorcycle units registered in Hungary. This, however, represented a market share of over 16.3 % and a 2nd position in Hungary for Suzuki. The sales of non-registered motorcycles such as cross-bikes and quads added 96 units to the total motorcycle sales of MSC.


The acquisition-based investment at MSC in Year 2010 was 110 million EUR. The yearly production plan for 2011 is about 170,000 units, a projection continuously monitored and adjusted to the actual market demands.