According to the latest sales figures for January, Suzuki has beaten its Japanese competitors and managed to keep up with top sellers of newly registered cars.

What could not be done since 2008, has now been accomplished: Suzuki Romania sold more cars in January 2011 than any other Japanese brands and by that it has become the top selling Japanese car in Romania. It is also a great achievement that despite the global economic crisis, deeply affecting the car market, 3 new dealers joined the circle of those selling Suzuki last year and hopefully another 2 dealers will join this year.

In the past two years (2009 and 2010) Suzuki was only at second place, closely following the tyre prints of Toyota in car sales among Japanese brands, but this situation changed in January 2011, when Suzuki registered 80 units and became the top Japanese seller in Romania.

By selling 1,597 cars in 2010 Suzuki was No. 13 in total passenger car sales on the Romanian market with 1.7% market share, which is not slim at all, considering that Suzuki has been present in Romania for only 3 years. Thanks to the government’s scrap car program, the Romanian car market is now over its worst period of the crisis. A total of 57,389 cars were sold in the scrap car program, which represented 61% of all car sales, with Suzuki selling 756 items (47,3% of its total sales) in the program.