Magyar Suzuki supports handicapped people

Budapest, 31 October 2008 – Within its corporate social responsibility program, Magyar Suzuki Corporation supports Budapest headquartered Hungarian Federation of Associations and Foundations Serving People with Mental Handicap (ÉTA) with the donation of a Suzuki SX4 vehicle. ÉTA provides support under its umbrella for 7,000 mentally handicapped people in the areas of nursing, education and employment.

ÉTA – Hungarian Federation of Associations and Foundations Serving People with Mental Handicap was founded by NGOs in 1997. The federation receives no state support. Its operations are financed from members’ fees and successful tenders, which restrict the scope of its activities.

Magyar Suzuki Corporation wishes to help the work of the Federation providing an SX4 vehicle within its CSR program.

‘ÉTA’s 71 member organizations work at distant locations throughout the country. The car will help us maintain contacts between these organizations’, said Mr. László Rubovszky, managing director of ÉTA. The SX4 will also be made good use of in the transportation of the handicapped people.

Magyar Suzuki Corporation
The company was established by major shareholder Suzuki Motor Corporation in 1991. The kick-off model, Swift rolled off the production line in 1992, followed in 2000 by Wagon R+, Ignis in 2003, the new Swift in 2005 and SX4 in 2006. By now over a million Suzuki vehicles – assembled in the Esztergom factory – are used on domestic and European roads. Since the factory was set up the company has spent more than HUF 280bn on development. In addition to 6,000 jobs at the Suzuki factory, the company provides jobs for thousands of people in Hungary through its circle of suppliers. Apart from the emphasis it places on quality, Magyar Suzuki aspires to an environmentally conscious mode of operation. The technology in use at the Esztergom factory is in line with ISO 14 001 environmental and ISO 9001 quality assurance standards. All models currently assembled at Esztergom are built with engines complying with Euro 4 environmental standards.
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