Magyar Suzuki Celebrates 20th anniversary

A special anniversary is celebrated at the end of this month by Magyar Suzuki Corporation (MSC) as the company was founded 20 years ago, in April 1991. Throughout the past two decades, MSC has been steadily growing to play a major role not only in Hungary’s automotive market but in Europe as well, as the Hungarian factory is Suzuki Motor Corporation’s sole manufacturing subsidiary on the Continent serving European markets with automobiles.


The company was established by its major shareholder Suzuki Motor Corporation in 1991. The kick-off model, the first generation Swift in Hungary rolled off the production line in 1992, followed by Wagon R+ in 2000, Ignis in 2003, the 2nd generation Swift in 2005, SX4 in 2006, Splash in 2008 and the new Swift in June 2010.


Since the establishment of MSC, the Esztergom factory has undergone several expansions from the original greenfield investment. Currently operation takes place in five shop units (stamping, welding, painting, assembly and bumper). A series of investments followed one another in the last 20 years including the peak period of the factory between 2003-2008 under the era of Suzuki’s European Renaissance Program, which had the major objectives of heavily expanding the European network of distributors as well as preparing the manufacturing company for the production of 300,000 units. The latter objective was approached with more than 280,000 vehicles produced in 2008. The only hindering factor for MSC that time was the global crisis which seriously hit the automotive industry at the end of 2008.


In 2010 MSC produced 170,000 vehicles. By now close to 2 million Suzuki vehicles have been assembled in the Esztergom factory. All models currently manufactured in Esztergom are built with engines complying with Euro 5 environmental standards. Through its export activities MSC provides cars to European countries but also to Japan, Russia, Ukraine, as well as to the Middle East and some Northern African territories like Israel or Morocco. In addition to the 3,500 jobs at the Suzuki factory, the company provides work opportunity for thousands of people in Hungary through its circle of suppliers and dealers.


In addition to the emphasis placed on quality of its models produced in Esztergom, Magyar Suzuki aspires for an environmentally conscious mode of operation. The technology in use at the Esztergom factory is in line with the ISO 14 001 environmental and ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.


Besides production for the European and domestic markets, MSC carries out other commercial activities such as selling imported cars, motorcycles and outboard motors. The imported models of the cutting edge technology bikes from the parent company, SMC Japan, are supported by one of the greatest dealership networks in Hungary taking care of customer needs, entrusted to live up to the expectations of customers with our wide range of offers. Magyar Suzuki Corporation plays a significant role within the region in the motorcycle business providing motorcycles to eight countries (Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia, Kosovo and Montenegro).