Best lady driver in 2013 lives in Szombathely

Suzuki has found Hungary’s best female driver. More than 3,000 ladies competed in the three-month contest, with the youngest participant just exactly of age, while the older 73. 88 of them made the national finals held in Zsámbék last weekend. Judit Gazdag from Szombathely won the competition and a brand new Suzuki Splash.


Suzuki was looking for Hungary’s best female driver for 3 months. As many as 3,285 lady drivers entered the competition from all over the country, from Kozármisleny to Komárom, Szombathely to Nyíregyháza. After registration, the contestants visited Suzuki dealers across Hungary to demonstrate their driving skills. The youngest participant was just 18, while the oldest was born in 1940. 88 drivers made the finals held last weekend.

The finals were held at the drivingcamp, a new, state-of-the-art training circuit in Zsámbék. The finals consisted of three rounds with 46 making the second and the 12 best proving their skills in the last. The first round consisted of evasive manoeuvres, slalom, rearing and parking, as well as driving across the shock pad and a slippery surface right after. (On the slippery surface, a machine pushes the car’s rear, and the driver has to straighten out the car after the skid within the shortest possible time.) The 12 drivers competing in the final round drove on the ”highway” section filled with various obstacles.


At the opening ceremony of the finals, Teruo Katakawa, the Head of Magyar Suzuki’s sales division, said that the company’s aim with the competition is to eliminate prejudices about female drivers the public reads, sees and hears in the media every day. ”We consider these prejudices not only false but dangerous as well,” he said. ”Male drivers are often impatient, patronising or sometimes even aggressive with female drivers on the roads in Hungary. This attitude is dangerous and can clearly lead to cause accidents. With this series of events, Magyar Suzuki Corporation demonstrates to the world that female drivers are not at all inferior to males,” Suzuki’s Division Head said in his opening address.


The winner of the competition is 36, and used to drive between Hungary and Germany regularly for many years. However, she has rarely left Szombathely in the past 18 months, as she is in her final year at the tourism and catering department of Georgikon College, and is preparing for her final exam. ”At present, I drive a Mazda and sometimes an old Suzuki Swift,” she said. ”Both of them are longer than the Splash, and I felt the difference especially when rearing along the long and curvy path. This, despite the fact that I had tried to prepare for the competition as best as I could: I used the opportunity offered by the Sipos Autóház dealership to practice driving the Splash in their parking lot. Of course, there were only four cones, while here we had hundreds,” the winner said.


Enikő Kremniczki came in second. She got into the finals from Debrecen’s Limuzin Autóház dealership. She clearly won the first round, and tied in the first place on the shocking pad, but she finished several seconds behind Judit, the winner in the third round. She won a HUF 250,000 fuel ticket. Nikolett Szauberer came in third, winning a HUF 50,000 experience driving ticket to drivingcamp.


The main prize of the Hungary’s Best Female Driver Competition was a brand new Suzuki Splash with a 1.2-liter petrol engine. The winner is free to choose the color of her new car.