1 millionth Suzuki exhibited at the Palace of Wonders

Lift up of a special installation prepared to hold the one millionth Esztergom factory produced Suzuki is the opening attraction of the Traffic Exhibition at the Palace of Wonders/Csodák Palotája. The official Exhibition will be open to the public from the 19th September and can be visited until the fall of 2010.


Can you imagine lifting up a car weighing more than 1 ton from the ground with only one hand? You do not need to be the strongest man on Earth to carry out such a deed. For the Traffic Exhibition, with a motto ‘For those who move at an advanced level' starting on the 19th September 2009, the engineers of the Palace of Wonders carefully planned and executed a smart installation by which even a small child is able to elevate a car into the air. To make the exciting attraction even more special, Magyar Suzuki has provided its one millionth Suzuki - a white 5-door 1.3 GLX Swift - manufactured in Esztergom in 6th October 2007 for such a noble purpose of demonstrating physics in a simple and easy to comprehend way for all those, who are interested in technology and moreover to those, who would otherwise not really be attracted by the magic of science.


The Palace of Wonders is an interactive science and technology centre not only for kids, but for adults providing many opportunities of learning through playing with various technical and scientific initiatives and wide variety of equipment. The motto of the exhibition, ‘For those who move at an advanced level' echoes a few ideas at the same time. On the one hand, it refers to the fact that the recent variety of equipment is focusing on traffic and progress: on the ground, by rail and in the air. On the other hand, the Centre has developed and changed a lot during the past 13 years, arriving at a far more proficient level. Nevertheless, the main goals of the Centre have not changed throughout this journey: these are to bring science closer to visitors, to show them that the world of science is interesting and comprehensible.


‘The Traffic Exhibition's motto of advanced movement could easily be applied to Magyar Suzuki (MSC), as the company has passed several important milestones during its 18 years of history', said László Urbán, Dep CEO of MSC. It took four years after the establishment of Magyar Suzuki (MSC) to produce 100.000 units in 1996, at its Esztergom factory. However, following an increasing capacity in production parallel to its growing export activity, in 2002, the company could produce half a million cars. In 2006, the factory celebrated a double jubilee of 15 years having passed since its establishment, as well as the production of the 1 millionth Swift. Since then, the company has undergone heavy expansions regarding both technology and human resources, which made MSC capable of producing more than 281 000 units in 2008, which meant that about 1100 cars rolled down the production line on a daily basis. Nowadays, 700 robots support the point welding procedures of each model with automatization and the aim is to fully automate certain activities with the cutting edge technology applied at MSC.


Parameters of the 1 millionth Swift

Overall length (mm)                                            3695

Overall width (mm)                                              1690

Overall height (mm)                                            1500

Wheelbase (mm)                                                2380

Tread  - Front (mm)                                            1470

           - Rear (mm)                                            1480

Min. ground clearance (mm)                                140

Min. turning radius (m)                                        4,7

Seating capacity (person)                                   5

Fuel tank capacity  (litres)                                   45

Trunk max capacity  (litres)                                 562

Trunk capacity (litres)                                         213

 Weight (kg)                                                       1060

Number of cylinders                                            4

Number of valves                                                16

Piston displacement (cc)                                    1328

Boret x stroke (mm)                                           78,0x69,5

Compression ratio                                              9,5

Maximum output (kW(LE)/ford.)                           68/(92)5800

Maximum torque (Nm/ford.)                                 116/4200

Fuel distribution                                                 multipoint injection

EU-emission standard                                        EURO 4