In our close environment, we pay special attention to cultural initiatives. We are convinced that by supporting art, we also contribute to the development of the economic and business environment, since cultural events also improve the quality of life of the local community as well as that of society as a whole. In addition, with these activities we wish to find and show the values, strengths and meeting points of Japanese and Hungarian culture through art.

Major cultural support programs of recent years

Ukiyo-e exhibition / Danube Museum

The aim of the tender and the exhibition is to call attention to Japanese culture in 2019, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Japanese-Hungarian diplomatic relations. This is also among the reasons why Magyar Suzuki Corporation was pleased to be the main sponsor of the event.

Japonism exhibition / Museum of Fine Arts

The exhibition, The Call of the East explores the influence of Japanese and European cultures on each other, this way commemorating the diverse Japanese-Hungarian relations, which have been constantly developing for 150 years, and at the same time celebrating the long-lasting, fruitful diplomatic connections.

Spring Voices Concert at the Music Academy

For over a decade now, a concert is organized every spring with the participation of the Japanese students of the Liszt Academy of Music.

Esztergom Cathedral Treasury

The Treasury also participated in the nationwide Night of Museums event series. The main program was the light painting of the Basilica, where the peristyle and the domes of the building dressed in various colors. In addition, organ concerts, guided tours of different topics, and a number of children's programs awaited visitors.

Esztergom Castle Theatre

Esztergom Castle Theatre is a 30-year-old open-air theatre. Every year, they organize extensive cultural programs during the summer in Esztergom. Magyar Suzuki Corporation has been supporting the open-air theatre for years.

Traditional paper lantern parade and street party

The paper lantern parade in Esztergom looks back on decades of history. It takes place every year on 30 April, at sunset. During the event, decorated and illuminated vessels appear on the Little-Danube in Esztergom.

Then and Now Vehicle Expo

Veteran rarities inviting to time-travel, exciting rally cars, cozy concerts , action programs for road traffic safety, crime prevention and disaster management, as well as many sports activities for all members of the family await visitors at this year's “Then and Now” Vehicle Expo.

Comedium Corso Street Theatre and Contemporary Arts Festival

As the name suggests, the aim of the event is to show various branches of art, presenting their prominent representatives, to play the role of a Pan-art festival. Fine art, music, dance, theatre – they attempt to make cultural and artistic programs enjoyable and interactive for more generations, with the same emphasis on all branches.

Tastes, Eras, Feelings Festival

Tastes - Eras - Feelings is an event that seeks to preserve and recreate traditions, by recalling different historical eras. Families play the main role here; the program provides quality entertainment for different generations. Gastronomy is presented at the event by the delicious dishes that can be tasted at the fairground. Concerts are an integral part of the festival, well-known representatives of Hungarian popular music take the stage year after year.

Advent fair in Esztergom

The Advent fair is organized on the decorated main square of Esztergom in the advent period. The Fair awaits visitors with concerts and a skating-rink that can be used free of charge.