Suzuki, police jointly help drivers get ready for winter

Esztergom residents and people just driving by can have their cars checked free of charge at three locations to see whether they meet requirements for driving in winter. Police’s road traffic experts will also call drivers’ attention to problems that would carry a fine in roadside checks. Launched jointly by Suzuki and the Komárom-Esztergom County Police, the campaign aims to improve road traffic safety in the region.

In a joint campaign titled ”Ready for Winter?” the Police and Magyar Suzuki Corporation (MSC), Police’s road traffic experts will set up tents this Saturday at three locations in Esztergom to inspect cars free of charge for owners to see whether their vehicles meet winter driving requirements. Police’s the testing equipment includes brake efficiency meters, as proper brake alignment is especially important in winter.


“Besides its business activity, Magyar Suzuki Corporation has been strongly committed to corporate social responsibility and cooperation with the local communities since its foundation,” says MSC’s head of communication Viktória Ruska. “In partnership with the County Police, we would like now to help drivers living in the region to prepare for the winter properly.”


In Tesco’s parking area, Park Center’s parking lot on the side of Aldi, and in the free parking area of the Basilica, Police’s experts call drivers’ attention to problems that would carry a fine in roadside checks. The wrong aiming of lamps and headlights is one of such mistakes, which gains even more significance in winter-time visibility.


The quality of winter tires is also a problem that comes up often in relation to the safe use of cars and accident prevention. Experts come to help with three pieces of advice always valid: check on Hungarian and international test pages before you buy tires; do not trust no-name manufacturers’ cheap products; and check the labels that come mandatorily with tires for damp-road grip rating because this is the most significant safety factor in winter road conditions. Measured in official tests defined by the competent authorities for the given tire, this rating shows the braking distance of a car with that tire with ABS from 80 km/h to 20 km/h. ‘A’ is the best rate, and the braking distance increases by 2.6 meters from category to category. This difference can cost your life...


“The 1111 road from Esztergom to Dobogókő is dangerous from several points of view,” says major Erzsébet Miklán Búócz, Secretary of the Komárom-Esztergom County Accident Prevention Committee. “This is a mountain road, with light changing often regardless of the season, and ice is also frequent in winter. Snow comes here earlier than in other areas, too.”


Those who answer the questions of the “Ready for Winter?” quiz and drop the answer sheet into the collecting boxes at the campaign locations will participate in a draw, where the main prize offered by the organizers Magyar Suzuki Corporation and the Komárom-Esztergom County Police at each inspection point is a set of winter tires, and other prize packages will also be won. (For the rules of the game visit Suzuki’s website or read them on location.)


People are also welcome to visit the inspection points of the “Ready for Winter?” campaign on foot: Magyar Suzuki Corporation will display an S-CROSS at each location, and experts will demonstrate on these cars the most important things to know about preparing for driving in winter and about road safety.