With the support of Magyar Suzuki Corporation, the Esztergom Danube reach was cleaned of a container of waste

The domestic campaign is part of the Clean Up the World international project

The marine division of Magyar Suzuki Corporation joined the Suzuki Group's 11-year-old Clean Up the World campaign aiming for the purity of waters. With the support of Magyar Suzuki Corporation, the I Did it for You, Danube Civil Organization and the 8th grade students of the Temesvári Pelbárt Franciscan Grammar School and College cleaned the Danube reach of the Esztergom cycle path from waste.

The activity in Esztergom is part of an international volunteering program

Suzuki Motor Corporation has been working for the purity of the Earth’s waters for eleven years. The Japanese initiative has gradually become international since 2011. To date, a total of more than 8,000 volunteers from 26 countries have been involved in cleaning up seas, rivers, and lakes. The aim of the Érted Tettem Duna (I Did it for You, Danube) Hungarian initiative is getting involved locally and do something for the River Danube: it can be anything from garbage collection, to releasing of the caught fish into the river, or to the feeding of waterfowls.

Regional involvement

„As a company located in Esztergom, there was no question for us to participate in a regional program that helps cleaning up our immediate environment. Furthermore it also has an impact on one of Hungary's most important values, water. That's why our marine division chose the I Did for You, Danube project” – said Zsuzsanna Bonnár-Csonka, Head of Communications at Magyar Suzuki Corporation. The company supported the work of the volunteers with tools and provided an educational lecture for the participating students with the involvement of Fruzsina Majer, an engineer of the Faculty of Water Sciences from the University of Public Service.