The Minister for Economic Development Had a Negotiation With Magyar Suzuki

Minister for Economic Development Márton Nagy received Masato Atsumi, Managing Director of Magyar Suzuki Corporation, in his office on 20 February 2023. The parties discussed the company's role in the national economy, its future, the current economic processes, and the new industrial strategy.

Hungary’s economic strategy is investment- and export-oriented, which is why a new industrial strategy is being prepared in order to preserve its ability to attract capital. The automotive industry will play a prominent role in the implementation of the revised guidelines. The Minister for Economic Development invited several other vehicle manufacturers to a discussion beyond Magyar Suzuki in order to get to know the experiences of the players in the sector and take them into account during the development of the new industrial strategy.
At the meeting, Márton Nagy praised the path taken by Hungarian Suzuki, from the production of the first Suzuki Swifst to the production of hybrid vehicles since its establishment in 1991, during which the company became one of the largest companies in the country in terms of sales revenue. The minister for economic development added that Japan was Hungary's 7th largest capital investor in 2020, and a third of direct foreign capital investments came from Asia in 2021.
Magyar Suzuki and the Ministry will continue negotiations in order to enhance future developments that increase economic performance and create new jobs.