The Best Service Advisor of Suzuki is Revealed

Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. announced a Service Advisor Competition among its countrywide dealerships. With 80 participants from 56 cities almost the complete Suzuki brand service network participated the game. Zoltán Tóth, the co-worker of Limuzin Autóház és Autószerviz Ltd. proved to be the best service consultant from the competitors of the 9 semi-finals in the final test. Suzuki puts a great emphasis on professional knowledge and continuous individual improvement in order to offer quality service in its entire partner and employment chain. Thus, the company provides regular trainings for both mechanics, specialists, retailers, factory workers and the company management.

Competitive Advantage
Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. organises the service front desk competition the second time. It was preceded by several weeks of training this year as well. Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. invited independent coaches and communication professionals to maintain the small group trainings aiming to improve and optimise problem solving, stress- and time management skills. Dealership employees could alternately test themselves in three theoretical tests and three role play exercises on the decisive trial, utilizing the knowledge they gained during the trainings. In the latter challenge, well-known actors personalized the most typical client characters so that the participants could try themselves in the most realistic situations. The end result was based on a complex evaluation system: judges monitored the competitor's communication, and how the performance meets the high professional expectations of Suzuki. Moreover, the opinion of the actor playing the client in each given situational game counted as well. Based on all these factors Zoltán Tóth, the co-worker of Limuzin Autóház és Autószerviz Ltd. proved to be The Best Service Advisor of Year 2019 in Hungary this time. Zsolt Papp, the employee of ANKERS Ltd. became the second, Iván Pusztai from Hungarocar-2000 Ltd. got the third place.

What is a Great Specialist is Like?
The service advisor is the ambassador of the car service and the brand and plays a great part in client service as he keeps contact with the car owner. In the course of his work, he strives to mediate between the client and the service with the most accurate communication possible. He has to adapt to all sorts of situations and different type of people, always making sure that satisfied car owners leave the dealership. It is the service consultant who offers professional support and technical help to car owners who can tun to them with trust.

Integrated Development Approach
Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. supports the continuous development of its colleagues throughout the entire employment chain – mechanics, specialists, retailers, factory workers, company management – in order to ensure high quality standards and client satisfaction. The company also announced a competition for mechanics in its countrywide partner chain in the past. Above all, the company co-operates with higher education institutions, secondary and vocational schools in order to offer half year long intensive internship for youth and fresh graduates in the Esztergom factory. Suzuki improves its professionals by offering study tours for them.