The 500.000th S-CROSS rolls off the production line

Magyar Suzuki has reached another milestone: the 500.000th S-CROSS has rolled off the Esztergom production line. The model, which has been produced in Hungary since its debut in 2013 and has been renewed twice, has come a long way in 10 years: it has won numerous professional and public awards in Hungary, and is now only available in Europe with hybrid drive.

It was just ten years ago that the Japanese automotive company presented the SX4 S-CROSS C-category crossover model and began its production at Magyar Suzuki's Esztergom plant, which quickly became a top seller in Hungary. First significantly updated in 2016 and then in autumn 2021, it has become one of the most popular models with its exciting lines, easy handling and sophisticated style. The success of the S-CROSS (which dropped the SX4 designation in 2021) may lie in the fact that it combines the advantages of a hatchback and a city SUV. While the 2013 and 2016 models were still available with a traditional petrol engine, from 2020 onwards Magyar Suzuki only sells the S-CROSS with hybrid powertrain on the European markets. This is part of the Suzuki Group's sustainability ambition to serve customers with a carbon neutral plant and portfolio by 2050 worldwide.

The S-CROSS has quickly become one of the most popular Hungarian car models, and last year it was the best-selling new car in Hungary. In 2013 it won the Hungarian Product Grand Prix and Award of Excellence, in 2022 and 2023 it won the audience prize at the Hungarian Car of the Year Award, and this year it was voted Hungarian Car of the Year by a professional jury in a competition of 39 cars from 22 brands. A major factor in the latter was the new connected service, Suzuki Connect, introduced at the end of last year, which was available for the first time on the European market in the Esztergom model. The smartphone-controlled system has several features that make it easier to maintain and use the car in everyday driving. The features that makes this model unique has also contributed to its popularity: AllGrip , a host of advanced safety technologies , a 360-degree camera system and a 9-inch display audio add fun and peace of mind to the driving experience.

Thanks in part to its unbroken popularity, the 500.000th S-CROSS hybrid with automatic gearbox in canyon brown pearl metallic color rolled off the production line in Esztergom on 28 September, soon to be handed over to its new owner in France.

The S-CROSS in figures

TOP5 customer country:
Domestic 7.338
Italy 4.718
England 3.770
Israel 2.855
Germany 2.285
France 1.671


Most popular colors: grey (134.928 pieces), white (107.481 pieces), blue (70.456 pieces), silver (59.102 pieces), black (43.521 pieces)