Suzuki’s best mechanic was revealed

Magyar Suzuki Zrt. organized a new season of its competition for mechanics of Suzuki Service Centers. Besides professional and public recognition, the winners of this years-old contest receive valuable rewards. At the end of the three-round competition, this year’s winner is Tibor Czene of the Ring Autoház Kft. Service Center, who will represent the Hungarian Suzuki service centers at the European mechanics’ competition in Salzburg. With the initiative, the company also aims to raise the attention of car owners to the safe maintenance and to nationwide availability of the reliable and professional service network.

Magyar Suzuki this year announced again its national mechanic championship. The contest was organized with the aim of providing platfrom for the professionals of the service centers to demonstrate their experience on up-to-date mechanical, service and diagnostic processes of Suzuki cars. The event ended yesterday at the company’s training center in Esztergom, after several rounds and months of competition.  

The first round assessed the theoretical knowledge of the participants in the form of online tests. A total of 91 applicants, from 82 service centers, entered the first round, and 6 of them were shortlisted in each region for a total of 24 mechanics entering the next round. Through qualifier and semifinal rounds participants had to accomplish the tasks on time.   Besides the complex theoretical proficiency assessments, the following rounds included practical tasks to demonstrate a full knowledge of all Suzuki models. Tasks to assess the skills and talents of service center mechanics included such challenges as, for instance, setting the correct positions and settings of the control elements of particular engines.  

The eight participants of the final round came from all around the country. Contestants Attila Sári (2042 ITC Autó Hungary Kft.), Attila Bucskó (1191 Varró Autó Kft.), Gábor János (7002 HIRT Autószalon Kft.), Gábor Fárbás (8602 Borongics Kft.), Tibor Czene (5006 Ring Autóház Kft.), Zoltán Puskás (5601 Ankers Kft.), György Simon (2854 Száraz Kft.) és Tamás Vida (8003 Kőnig Kft.) entered the last round to match their skills. In the final round, the contestants had to compete against the clock, and test their skills through theoretical and practical tasks. The contestants had to demonstrate professional repair techniques, the fast and accurate use of diagnostic tools, and up-to-date expertise through solving real-life troubleshooting tasks.   The winner of the competition, and the proud owner of the “Mechanic of the Year” title is Tibor Czene of the Ring Autház Kft. dealership, who, besides the prestigious title and the valuable prizes, is offered the chance to represent the Hungarian service centers on Suzuki’s European mechanics competition. The second place goes to Gábor János. of the HIRT Autószalon Kft. dealership, and the third to Zoltán Puskás of the Ankers Kft. dealership.  

“Besides the models themselves and our conscious and consistent brand building activities, the excellent results of Magyar Suzuki Zrt. are also due in large part to the expansion of our sales network, as well as the quality work delivered by the authorized service centers in our network. There are currently 82 service points in the country, and the network covers the entire area of the country. The prestigious “Mechanic of the Year” title will clearly contribute to the value-added services of the service centers that entered the final round, so the success of the individual contestants will surely increase the dealerships' prestige as well” – said Ms. Viktória Ruska, Communications Manager, Magyar Suzuki Zrt.