Suzuki to Help the Work of the Hungarian Red Cross with a Hybrid Car

The support of local social, healthcare, educational and cultural organizations and institutions is of crucial importance to Magyar Suzuki Corporation. This time the company contributes to the work of the Komárom-Esztergom county organization of the Hungarian Red Cross, by offering a brand-new hybrid Suzuki Vitara passenger car to the organization.

County organizations of the Hungarian Red Cross provide support nationwide, their work deserves respect and acknowledgement, especially now, during the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Collecting donations, care for the homeless, blood donation, supporting children and families are only a few among the numerous activities with which professional workers and volunteers of the Hungarian Red Cross contribute to the wellbeing of communities, day by day. Magyar Suzuki Corporation, as a responsible company, during its nearly thirty years, has always been committed to support the work of local communities and organizations. In the present situation, during the time of the pandemic, the company pays special attention to these issues.

Magyar Suzuki Corporation this time offered a hybrid Suzuki Vitara passenger car to the Hungarian Red Cross, which they can start using as of 26 May. In return for the car use, the Hungarian Red Cross made a serious commitment as well: they provide 11th-grade students in every secondary school of Esztergom first aid education necessary for the highway code exam, free of charge.

“The work of the Hungarian Red Cross is very important, especially in the present case, hence reliable vehicles are needed to perform their tasks. We, at Suzuki, care to support local communities, so we decided to support the strenuous work of the Red Cross” – said Dr. László Urbán, Deputy Managing Director of Magyar Suzuki Corporation.

The company also supported the Vaszary Kolos Hospital in Esztergom with hand sanitizer, masks and car use in the most difficult time of the coronavirus epidemic, while they offered a car for the hospital already in 2014, which was used by hospital workers to carry out transportation duties connected to everyday medical care. Within the framework of its “Suzukis for the Communities” program, the company has helped with vehicle use the Esztergom Civil Guard Association, the Fire Headquarters of Esztergom and the Esztergom Police Office as well.