Suzuki: The future of automobility

In line with the global trends the domestic car industry has made big steps forward to the adoption of energy efficient motor vehicles. However according to Suzuki wide-spread electric cars are yet to come. The company sees the future of an economic and sustainable drive in alternative solutions to be launched as results of continuous, human scale developments. Visitors of Automotive Hungary trade fair can test the 12-Volt hybrid system, an environmentally friendly, innovative development of the Japanese car manufacturer through a simulation.

Wide scale solutions

The future of automobility is undoubtedly electric though this future is farther than we tend to think since an immediate switch to electric drive would bring challenges impossible to overcome to the automotive industry. If half of the cars running on the European roads was immediately replaced by electric vehicles, 18 extra power plant would be needed in the continent beside the current 78. Aligned with the expansion of green and sustainable vehicle production Suzuki Motor Corporation has been focusing on the development of mild hybrid models as part of a human scale yet continuous progress. The technology with integrated 12-Volt start generator developed by the car manufacturer reduces carbon dioxide emission and improves fuel savings, while being lighter and smaller than other, full hybrid or plug-in systems which makes performance more cost-efficient and speedy. In addition, Suzuki’s parent company is collaborating with Toyota to introduce electric cars to the Indian market. The two parties are working in partnership on the development of autonomous driving systems.

Innovation is more than just technology

For the firm following Japanese traditions too innovation is not just about technology but a mindset focusing on everyday modernizations and conscious developments. As a modern, innovative company Suzuki improves and optimizes the production and its offer in compliance with sustainable manufacturing and operation to being able to provide a mindful and safe driving experience.
Magyar Suzuki believes that its innovative attitude can encourage its partners to develop as well. “I am sure that the technological advancement of our models produced in Esztergom makes a positive impact on our suppliers as they need to progress too in order to keep up to our high standards. We recognize this interaction as an added value” – said deputy Managing Director Dr. László Urbán about the changes of the domestic car industry during the roundtable at Automotive Hungary.