Suzuki S-CROSS took all the honours in the "Hungarian Car of the Year 2023" competition

The hybrid S-CROSS, manufactures in Esztergom, continues to collect awards: the S-CROSS won both the professional and the public prizes in the fourth edition of the "Hungarian Car of the Year 2023" competition.

A total of 39 cars from 22 brands entered the competition organised by the Motorists Great Coalition (ANK) and Jármű, where a jury of automotive journalists selected the best cars. After winning the first place in 2020 and a silver in 2022, the hybrid version of the Esztergom-made S-CROSS had no competition this year with the jury unanimously voting it the grand winner of "Hungarian Car of the Year 2023". The public was on the same opinion. 39 cars were nominated for the Public Choice Award 2023. However, after an initially close race, the S-CROSS - which was renewed at the end of 2021, has a dominant presence on the roads of Hungary and was also the leader in new car sales last year - won by a clear margin. The design, which successfully conveys the robustness of a SUV but also gives the feeling of sporty driving, played a major role in this. It can cope with off-road terrain and take winding roads with ease.