Suzuki is leading again

Suzuki vehicle sales in Hungary shot up to an outstanding figure for July 2015 due to the success of Vitara sales as well as a winter tire campaign for the S-CROSS. Registration figures for Suzuki resulted in 472 private sales and 268 unit fleet sales totalling 740 units sold in July, while the total number of units sold in the Jan-July period reached 3,609, out of which, 1,988 units were private sales and 1,621 were fleet registration. Suzuki’s market share was 10.55 % in July.

Magyar Suzuki Corporation was the first car manufacturing company right after the political and economic transition in 1989 to re-start serial vehicle production in Hungary after the post 2nd World War era. The company has always paid special attention to the fact that it produces cars in Hungary by Hungarian quality workforce and, besides shipping cars to more than 80 export partner countries, the company provides Suzuki vehicles for the domestic market.


The value of private customers has been even more appreciated in the recent years as fleet sales dominated the market in general. Private sales have always been one of the strengths of Suzuki in Hungary, the brand still has the widest dealer network in the country with 77 dealers.


The circle of Suzuki’s private customers has been considered as a strong base for sales in the last 22 years, indicated by the 409,540 vehicles registered for Hungarian roads by the end of 2014. A total of 4,735 units Suzuki were registered in Hungary in 2014, with a sales ratio of 62% for fleets and 38% to private customers. In the same period of 2014, in July, Suzuki registration was 501 units, with a 76% fleet and 24 % private ratio. In July 2015 total sales was 740 units, out of 55.8% ratio due to private sales whereas 44.92% to fleet.


The latest success in July sales crowned long months of efforts by dealers. Local marketing campaigns such as the launch of the Vitara and the Celerio as well as a winter tire and Navi campaign for the S-CROSS contributed to the awakening domestic private sales figures.

With sales of 425 units in July, the Vitara took over the No. 1 position in the SUV segment, as well as year-to-date segment leader with total sales of 1,220 units. Swift also gained the No. 1 position in the B segment with total sales of 1,318 units year-to-date. In July 2015 Suzuki’s market share is 10.55%.


All this has helped Suzuki to gain back some of its former reputation as the most popular car in Hungary and to reach the sales result of 472 units in July in the field of private sales.

Regarding the current model mix in the domestic market: the A segment is covered now by the newly introduced Celerio – the XL small import model; the B segment by the Swift/ Swift Sport; the C segment by the S-CROSS and the SUV by the Vitara, which premiered in March 2015. An imported model, the Jimny is available in the SUV category for those looking for something out of the box.


There is a small shift in fleet sale trends: companies are more willing to buy low fuel consumption B category models, which will be favourable for Suzuki hopefully and attract new potential customers in 2015. The Top20 of new passenger fleet car registrations includes 3 Suzuki models: the Vitara, the S-CROSS and the Swift, out of which Vitara and Swift are segment leaders.


As regards other plans for 2015, Suzuki wishes to keep its No. 1 position in private sales and increase its presence in fleet sales as well by convincing small, medium size companies to choose Suzuki when purchasing vehicles as well as by winning more domestic tenders.