Suzuki Introduces the Vitara Facelift

Suzuki is introducing the Vitara facelift, an SUV model that’s designed for action. With its authentic SUV design and dynamic silhouette, the new Vitara provides a thrilling experience on every drive. Moreover, the Vitara facelift comes with various new features and updates including new safety features and the new 9-inch display audio. Powered by Suzuki’s hybrid technology, the new Vitara delivers both fuel-efficiency and driving performance, giving the freedom to explore the world.

Vitara facelift highlights

- Authentic SUV Design
- ALGRIP SELECT 4x4 system
- Advanced Safety Features
- 9-inch display audio
- Sophisticated Interior
- Suzuki Connect
- Efficient hybrid system

Authentic SUV Design

The new Vitara is an SUV model that is bold and distinctive. It features an aggressive piano black grille, sculptured front fenders, tapered headlamps, and upswept body line. The sporty new look is perfect for both city life and outdoor adventures, providing a sense of freedom that inspires you to venture into the wild.

New body colour

Ten colours are available in the line-up, including five monotone and five dual-tone colours. A high-quality, low-contrast two-tone colour, Sphere Blue Pearl combined with Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic, has been newly introduced to the lineup along with Titan Dark Gray Pearl Metallic.

Dual-tone colours (Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic roof)

Sphere Blue Pearl
Bright Red
Solar Yellow
Pearl Metallic
Savanna Ivory Metallic
Ice Grayish Blue Metallic

Mono-tone colours

Titan Dark Gray Pearl Metallic
Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic
Silky Silver Metallic
Cool White Pearl


The new Vitara’s equipped with the iconic ALLGRIP SELECT 4WD system, which lets you confidently take on rough terrain. The ALLGRIP SELECT gives you a choice of four 4WD driving modes: Auto, Sport, Snow, and Lock mode, and drivers can choose the driving mode using a simple push-and-turn dial on the centre console.

Advanced Safety Features

The Vitara is equipped with a wide range of advanced safety and assistive driving technologies to help protect drivers and passengers. There are five main features that have been updated in the 2024 facelift.

Dual Sensor Brake Support II (DSBS II)

The new Dual Sensor Brake Support II (DSBSII) has expanded its detection area from the previous model, allowing object to be detected earlier. The system detects vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrians directly or diagonally ahead of the vehicle.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is also installed. The DMS monitors the driver’s eyes and face with a camera attached to the instrument panel, and if the system detects that the driver is drowsy, falling asleep, or looking away from the road, it sounds a warning alarm and displays an alert message on the information display.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

The ACC helps reduce driver fatigue on long trips. In traffic, the system uses millimetre-wave radar and a monocular camera to measure the distance to the vehicle ahead and will accelerate or decelerate the vehicle as needed to maintain a set distance. If the road ahead is clear, it will maintain the speed the vehicle was traveling.
The ACC is also linked to the traffic sign recognition system to help drivers comply with posted speed limits.

Lane Keep Assist (LKA)

When adaptive cruise control is activated, LKA helps the driver maintain the vehicle’s position in the centre of the lane. When lane markings are unclear, the system utilises information detected from the preceding vehicle’s driving trajectory.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) / Speed Limiter

The traffic sign recognition function displays traffic signs recognised by a monocular camera on the information display. If the speed limit shown on the traffic sign is exceeded, a speed limit icon flash on and off, and an audio alert sounds if this state continues.
The speed limiter function limits the vehicle speed to that set by the driver. It can also be used in conjunction with the traffic sign recognition function to limit speed to the posted speed limit.

With safety features listed below, the Vitara facelift model complies with the General Safety Regulation (GSR2) to help support safety for customers.

• Restraint System in Frontal Impact
• Pole side-impact protection
• Fuel System Integrity and Electric Power Train in a Rear-End Collision
• Advanced Emergency Braking system
• Reversing Motion Detection
• Emergency lane-keeping system
• Cyber security and cyber security management system
• Intelligent speed assistance
• Alcohol interlock system
• Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning System
• Event Data Recorder
• Software Update

9-inch display audio

The new 9-inch display audio system allows drivers to confirm control settings and essential vehicle operating information with just a quick glance. The system also supports smartphone connectivity via USB and Wi-Fi® that lets you use of a variety of apps via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™.

Sophisticated Interior

The interior of the new Vitara is designed with quality and style to heighten your driving pleasure. Furthermore, the new Vitara comes with an optional panoramic sunroof, which features wide opening area, allowing plenty of fresh air in and out. And for all passengers, various storage compartments are available, making life on road more comfortable.

Suzuki Connect

Suzuki CONNECT is a smartphone app and suite of services that enable drivers to monitor their vehicle remotely. The Suzuki Connect can also be linked to the display audio and can display various notifications on the screen. Seven types of service are offered to make driving life more convenient and trouble-free.

• Status notification
• Parked car locator
• Driving history
• Geofencing and curfew alert
• Security notification
• Warning light notification
• Periodic maintenance / Recall notification

1.5 DUALJET engine paired with Strong hybrid system

The 1.5 DUALJET engine uses a dual injector system that helps increase thermal efficiency. The engine offers high fuel efficiency with low emissions, and excellent torque delivery across the rev range for smooth, powerful acceleration. In addition, the strong hybrid system comprises of a Motor Generator Unit (MGU), a 140V lithium-ion power pack, and a 6-speed Auto Gear Shift (AGS) transmission. Not only does the MGU provide power for all-electric driving, but it also intervenes during gearshifts, resulting in smoother acceleration. The MGU also generates electricity to charge the batteries when cruising and decelerating.

1.4 BOOSTER JET engine paired with 48 SHVS mild hybrid system

The 1.4 BOOSTER engine with 48V SHVS mild hybrid system is also available for the new Vitara. The engine features direct fuel injection for high fuel efficiency and power output and is equipped with an intercooled turbocharger to boost low-end torque. The SHVS mild hybrid system employs an integrated starter generator (ISG) and a high-efficient 48V lithium-ion power pack with excellent charging and power supply performance. In addition to ensuring quick and quiet engine restarts, the ISG provides electric motor assist for fuel-efficient acceleration and generates electricity to charge the batteries when decelerating.