Suzuki Hostel Opens in Esztergom

A 126-bed Suzuki accommodation facility has been inaugurated, enabling Magyar Suzuki Corporation to offer accommodation in modern and homey rooms to employees from remote settlements. The four-storey building has fully equipped kitchens and laundry rooms on each floor, and indoor and outdoor social areas provide opportunities for leisure activities.

Twin and triple rooms, well-equipped modern multifunctional social areas, shopping and public transport facilities within easy walking distance, and a convenient location — in a 6-minute walk from Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s factory in Esztergom. This is what, among other things, the newly inaugurated 4-storey, 126-bed Suzuki accommodation facility offers for those company employees living in remote settlements who do not have the opportunity to commute.

The company is committed to strengthening its own workforce, to which an agency with extensive experience in labor accommodation, provided one of the most important means of recruitment, cultured and adequate accommodation. Magyar Suzuki is convinced that joint success can only be achieved with relaxed and satisfied employees. That is why the company made it the priority to provide as homey a living environment as possible for our colleagues who come to work at the Esztergom Suzuki factory from remote settlements, where everyday commuting is not an option. Employee satisfaction is important to the company: last year it put a great emphasis on the complete modernization of the factory canteen, and from October this year the company switched in the daily, free transportation of colleagues to modern, state-of-the-art buses in order for them to travel even more comfortably between home and work.

“We are constantly looking for and implementing measures that increase employee satisfaction. I hope that high-quality circumstances at the Suzuki hostel will have a significant impact on commitment to our company, with respect to staff members living in remote areas,” stressed Dr. Ildikó Fejesné Gyurján, Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s Executive General Manager responsible for HR, Finances and IT, at the inauguration of the Suzuki accommodation facility.

At the inauguration, András Kondor, the CEO of Staff House Corporation highlighted: “Currently, we accommodate 6,200 employees in 50 properties in different parts of the country. It gives us great pleasure to know Magyar Suzuki Corporation among our Partners. The investment required 9 months of hard work, more than 100 professionals and 50,000 working hours. We are happy that this moment has arrived, and we are ready to start our service to Magyar Suzuki Corporation in this building.”

The first residents have already arrived at the 126-bed accommodation, and occupation of premises is underway.