Suzuki Holds Press Event for the All-New Swift

Suzuki has held the press event for the all-new Swift. In its fourth iteration, Suzuki’s iconic hatchback has evolved into a sophisticated, smart compact with a crisp design, advanced safety features, and fun-to-drive playfulness that redefines everyday mobility.

A long-time favourite among consumers across the world seeking a stylish and fun-to-drive hatchback, the Swift has won numerous awards since its introduction as a global model in 2004. The all-new model builds upon the legacy of its predecessors, offering a driving experience that is not only enjoyable but also prioritises comfort, efficiency, and safety. The Swift has been sold in 169 countries and regions with cumulative sales of over 9 million units as of February 2024.

New Swift Highlights

• Dramatic new exterior and interior design
• Advanced safety features
• New 1.2L engine with 12V SHVS mild hybrid system

Dramatic new exterior and interior design

While maintaining the signature looks reminiscent of its predecessors, the new Swift has undergone a dramatic redesign beyond the parameters of past models.

Exterior Styling

The new Swift exudes confidence and adventure with a piano-black grille and L-shaped signature lamps that flow into rounded shoulder lines, highlighted by flared fenders.
Side on, the muscular contours tracing the new Swift’s profile, and the floating design of the roof add a sense of energetic lightness.
The three-dimensional rear combination lamps, and wide rear bumper give the new Swift a stable yet playful look that stands out on the road.

Body Colours

The new Swift colour line-up consists of nine single-tone options, and four dual tone options, including new colours Frontier Blue Pearl Metallic and Cool Yellow Metallic. Notably, the new Frontier Blue Pearl Metallic joins the Burning Red Pearl Metallic paint scheme as a deep, vivid, candy-like colour* tone, symbolising a new era of Suzuki paint quality. Both of these colour options consist of a three-layer coating, resulting in a rich texture and highly saturated hues.

*Candy-like colour
The candy-like paint is a three-layer coat colour where a transparent colour is painted over a silver base coat, followed by a clear coat. This creates a vivid and deep colour like candy. Frontier Blue Metallic and Burning Red Pearl Metallic are candy-like colours.

Interior Styling

The new Swift offers a spacious and comfortable cabin equipped with ergonomic features to elevate the driving experience.

Inside the new Swift is a cockpit designed for an immersive and ergonomic driving experience, featuring a centre cluster and controls that are subtly angled toward the driver to ensure ease of use. The wraparound, dual-tone black and light-grey dashboard and front door trim, with satin plating and satin dark silver paint accents, give the cabin a sporty, dynamic look.

9-inch Display Audio

The 9-inch HD capacitive touchscreen delivers a quick and accurate response compared to the 7-inch SLDA (Smartphone Linkage Display Audio) in the previous model. The new display audio features smartphone linkage for both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ through WiFi and USB, voice recognition, Bluetooth® music playback, and also displays information about the vehicle’s status.
*Apple, Apple CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
*Google, Android, Android Auto and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.
*Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc

Air conditioner
GL and GL+ grades feature a manual air conditioner with a digital control panel. GLX grade additionally features an automatic temperature control function.

Advanced safety features

Dual Sensor Brake Support II (DSBS II)

Millimetre-wave radar and a monocular camera are employed to detect vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians in front of the vehicle, and help mitigate frontal, diagonal and lateral collisions. If a collision seems possible, audio and visual warnings are issued to alert the driver. If the driver brakes with insufficient force, brake assist automatically engages to help slow the vehicle. And if the probability of a collision increases, the system automatically applies brake force to help reduce impact force and mitigate damage.

Lane Keep Assist (LKA)

When adaptive cruise control is activated, the LKA helps the driver maintain the vehicle’s position in the centre of the lane. In addition, if it senses that an adjacent vehicle or structure such as a temporary roadwork barrier or other obstacle is too close to the driver’s vehicle, it provides steering assistance to help maintain a safe distance.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

A camera built into the instrument panel monitors the driver’s eyes and face. If the system detects that the driver is drowsy, falling asleep, or looking away from the road, it sounds a warning alarm and displays an alert message on the information display.

Other technological features include:
- Lane Departure Prevention (LDP)
- Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) - Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)
- Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)
- Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
- eCall

New Z12E 1.2L engine with 12V SHVS mild hybrid system

The newly developed Z12E 1.2-litre petrol 3-cylinder engine in the new Swift achieves thermal efficiency of up to 40%(RON95) resulting in enhanced fuel economy. Other features include weight reduction, reduced emissions combined with higher low-speed torque for greater responsiveness and overall performance.

Major engine specifications

Compared to the previous K12D engine, high fuel-efficiency has been achieved by:
1. Optimising cylinder turbulence for faster combustion.
2. Employing an intermediate locking mechanism on the VVT intake.
3. Increasing the flow rate of the EGR valve.
4. Adopting a pendulum tensioner mechanism and using an electric water pump.

Also, particle number (PN) emission has been reduced by supressing the incomplete combustion that can occur at higher compression ratios, and by employing high-porosity three-way catalytic converter and a petrol particulate filter referred to as GPF (gasoline particulate filter).

In the new Swift, the engine is paired with the 12V SHVS mild hybrid system for further enhanced environmental performance. The SHVS mild hybrid system converts kinetic energy generated during deceleration, and stores it in the lithium-ion battery, and ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) assists the engine when accelerating for higher fuel efficiency.
Maximum motor output 2.3 kW
Maximum motor torque 60N·m

Major engine specifications


The 5-speed manual transmission has a gear ratio that has been optimised specifically for the new engine and drivetrain to ensure high fuel efficiency and power delivery. Synchroniser capacity and lever ratio have been optimised to reduce required shifting force, and the spring rate of the convergent shift locator has been optimised to ensure smooth, light, shifting and gear engagement.

Automatic transmission models adopt newly developed and highly efficient CVT suited for the new engine. The torque converter uses a damper that is made lower in rigidity effectively absorbs rotational fluctuations from the engine, thereby improving NVH performance and fuel efficiency.

Front and rear suspension

In the front, stabiliser bar diameter has been enlarged to increase the spring constant, and joint diameter has been enlarged to enhance transmission efficiency. In addition, Teflon™ sheets have been added to the stabiliser mounts to increase roll rigidity by reducing friction during oscillation. Taken together, these changes help heighten steering feel and vehicle posture during cornering for enhanced handling stability. In the rear, the suspension stroke has been increased to allow the rear wheels to better follow the road surface (2WD models only).

*Teflon is a trademark of The Chemours Company

Driving performance

Compared to the previous Swift, driving performance has been evolved through:
1. Lightness achieved by combination of the new Z12E engine, ISG assist and kerb weight of less than 1,000kg.
2. Improving grip performance by reduction of roll volume during cornering.
3. Natural steering feel by reducing delay time of yawing response.


ALLGRIP AUTO is an automatic four-wheel drive system that engages when it detects a loss of front wheel traction. When front-wheel slippage is detected, a viscous coupling engages to transfer torque to the rear wheels, providing additional traction for driving on snow-covered roads or other slippery surfaces.


The new Swift offers top-class aerodynamic performance. Extensive testing in a wind tunnel reproducing actual driving conditions was conducted.

Front bumper:
Smooth aerodynamic shape, free of ornamentation and trim elements.
Front Strakes:
Redesigned to optimise airflow around the front tyres.
Side under-spoilers:
Help heighten airflow under the floor and around the rear tyres.
Back door side spoiler:
Further reduces aerodynamic drag.
Roof end spoiler:
Reduce aerodynamic drag and optimum performance.
C-pillar trim:
Optimised to reduce aerodynamic drag.
Alloy wheel:
Airflow around the wheels has been optimised to reduce drag.


SUZUKI CONNECT utilises the vehicle’s data communication module (DCM) to connect users to their vehicles in real time, enabling users to take advantage of convenient functions via the SUZUKI CONNECT smartphone app. For added convenience, some SUZUKI CONNECT functions are now available via the 9-inch display audio screen inside the new Swift.

Major functions:

- Status notification
- Parked car locator
- Driving history
- Geofencing and curfew alert
- Security notification
- Warning light notification
- Periodic maintenance / Recall notification

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