Suzuki Develops a Technology to Reuse Small Lithium-Ion Batteries in Japan

Solar-powered streetlight

Lithium-ion batteries installed within the streetlight

Lithium-ion battery


As part of its non-profitable activity utilizing the net surplus generated from the Japanese vehicle recycling fees, Suzuki Motor Corporation has developed
a technology to reuse small lithium-ion batteries collected from ELVs for solar-powered streetlights in Japan.
Small lithium-ion batteries collected from ELVs had been disposed with the battery life still remaining. The new technology enables to reuse batteries collected from ten ELVs as batteries for one solar-powered streetlight.
Moreover, the technology will open up the way for efficient utilization of small lithium-ion batteries which are to increase in the future. The developed technology will be made open to the public as a product of Suzuki’s nonprofitable activity to penetrate the technology.
Suzuki will continue to make initiatives that contribute to a sustainable society.