Suzuki Announces FY2017 Vehicle Recycling Results in Japan

Suzuki Motor Corporation has today announced the results of vehicle recycling for FY2017 (April 2017 to March 2018) in Japan, based on the Japan Automobile Recycling Law.

In line with the legal mandate, Suzuki is responsible for promoting appropriate treatment and recycling of automobile shredder residue (ASR), airbags, and fluorocarbons through recycling fee deposited from customers.
Recycling of these materials are appropriately, smoothly, and efficiently conducted by consigning the treatment to Japan Auto Recycling Partnership as for airbags and fluorocarbons, and to Automobile Shredder Residue Recycling Promotion Team*2 as for ASR.
The total cost of recycling these materials was 3,161.79 million yen. Recycling fees and income generated from the vehicle-recycling fund totalled 3,713.71 million yen, contributing to a net surplus of 551.92 million yen.
For the promotion of vehicle recycling, Suzuki contributed a total of 460.0 million yen from the above net surplus, to the Japan Foundation for Advanced Auto Recycling and for implementation of advanced recycling business.
Moreover, besides the recycling costs, the Company bears 97.62 million yen as management-related cost of Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center and recycling-related cost of ASR.
For the mid-and long-term, Suzuki continues to make effort in stabilising the total recycling costs.
The results of collection and recycling of the materials are as follows.
1. ASR
- 55,421.6 tons of ASR were collected from 423,356 units of end-of-life vehicles
- Recycling rate was 98.1%, exceeding the legal target rate of 70% set in FY2015 since FY2008
2. Airbags
- 1,203,300 units of airbags were collected from 289,377 units of end-of-life vehicles
- Recycling rate was 93.8%, exceeding the legal target rate of 85%
3. Fluorocarbons
- 90,562.1kg of fluorocarbons were collected from 394,146 units of end-of-life vehicles
*1 Law Concerning Recycling Measures of End-of-Life Vehicles
*2 Partners are Isuzu Motors, Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center, Jaguar Land Rover Japan, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Corporation, Volvo Car Japan, Mazda Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, Mercedes-Benz Japan, FCA Japan, SUBARU Corporation, and UD Trucks Corporation.