Suzuki Announces Exhibits for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced its exhibits for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 (organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), which will be open to the public from 30 October to 8 November.

The theme for Suzuki’s booth is “SUZUKI NEXT 100”. Suzuki will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020, so the exhibits represent proposals for products and technologies that give a sense of the company’s preparations for ongoing success in the next 100 years.


A range of concept models will show how Suzuki can deliver wonder and enjoyment to drivers and riders. The concept cars will include the IGNIS, which gives shape to Suzuki’s foray into the new compact-crossover genre; and the MIGHTY DECK, which offers new kinds of fun in the minicar segment. The concept motorcycles will include the HUSTLER SCOOT, a scooter that expands the enjoyment people can have on two wheels.


The booth will also highlight Suzuki’s latest production models—including the new ESCUDO sport utility vehicle (called the new Vitara in markets outside Japan), which the company plans to launch on 15 October. Other highlights will include technology exhibits such as cutaway models of newly developed engines.



Main Exhibits




Reference Exhibit


MIGHTY DECK: a new-concept minicar offering new kinds of enjoyment and utility


  • The MIGHTY DECK is a new, fun-oriented minicar with a canvas top and an open load deck that can be repositioned for diverse purposes.
  • An “urban/outdoor” concept is embodied by features that free people to move between contrasting situations and mindsets: city and nature; home and away; work and leisure; relaxed and playful.
  • Wide-ranging functionality including an automatic raise/lower function for the open deck accommodates lifestyle situations ranging from daily life to leisure.



Air Triser: a newly conceived three-row compact minivan with a private lounge


  • The Air Triser is a new-concept three-row compact minivan. Within manageable body dimensions, it offers a cabin where roominess and smart seat configurability embody the concept of a private lounge.
  • While the Air Triser is parked, the seats can be configured in a relaxation mode (where the seats face each other) or in a lounge mode (where the seats form a U-shape sofa). Users can enjoy media content from a smartphone on a large-format display that extends from one of the B-pillars to the ceiling.
  • The extent to which the Air Triser enables users to enjoy their time together not only on the move but also while they’re stationary makes it unprecedented among minivans.



IGNIS: new-genre compact-crossover versatility for daily life and leisure


  • The IGNIS shows how a compact car can straddle the boundary between daily life and leisure. A high eye point and plenty of road clearance ensure day-to-day convenience. They also allow confident driving on snowy roads and rough tracks, so weekends become a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • A compact, visually striking body and a simple, highly practical interior design highlight the IGNIS’s credentials in the compact-crossover genre.



IGNIS-Trail Concept: even greater compact-crossover enjoyment


  • The IGNIS-Trail Concept expands upon the IGNIS concept of urban and outdoor versatility by offering even greater rough-road ruggedness.
  • Big-diameter wheels and bold wheel-arch mouldings are included in a design package that heightens compact-crossover enjoyment by emphasizing the IGNIS-Trail Concept’s outdoor credentials.


Baleno: a new compact hatchback that blends dynamic, elegant styling with optimal packaging and high performance


  • The Baleno is an all-new B-segment hatchback in which Suzuki refined the styling, performance, fuel economy, and practicality expected of a compact car and brought them together in an outstanding new way.
  • Plenty of space for passengers and luggage means four adults can enjoy long journeys in comfort even when they’re carrying a full complement of gear.
  • Powertrain technologies include the newly developed 1.0-litre direct-injection, turbocharged BOOSTERJET engine and the 1.2-litre DUALJET engine.



Launching on 15 October


New ESCUDO: a freshly evolved compact SUV that carries forward Suzuki’s four-wheel-drive excellence


  • The new ESCUDO (called the new Vitara in markets outside Japan) is an evolution of Suzuki’s latest compact SUV. It carries forward the 4WD and SUV excellence that Suzuki has nurtured over the years in the Jimny and Vitara. Plus, it embodies advances that meet diverse contemporary needs.
  • The new model is based on packaging that allows distinctive styling and great rough-road performance (a kind of packaging that Suzuki has carried forward since the first-generation Vitara). Plus, it offers advanced safety technologies and outstanding fuel economy.



Other Production Models


Compact cars:         Swift / Solio / Solio Bandit / SX4 S-Cross

Minicars:       WagonR / Spacia / Hustler / Alto / Alto Lapin / Jimny / Spacia (wheelchair-friendly version)





Reference Exhibit


HUSTLER SCOOT: easy to ride; a versatile luggage carrier; the fun kind of scooter that ought to exist


  • The HUSTLER SCOOT is a concept model of a rider-friendly 50cc scooter with luggage space for diverse purposes.
  • A conventional underseat luggage bay is complemented by a removable, carryable luggage case that mounts between the rider’s feet. There’s more room for luggage on the rear carrier and on the sides of the bodywork.
  • With the luggage case removed, the HUSTLER SCOOT can carry longer luggage items such as a tennis racket.
  • The HUSTLER SCOOT has the same kind of fun-inspiring personality as the Hustler automobile, so it has the same kind of pop-art colouring.



concept GSX: a concept object that encapsulates the potential of the GSX series


  • Suzuki’s powerful, rider-friendly inline-four engines deliver an outstanding combination of fuel economy and endurance. Their technologies are reflected in numerous GSX-series models including the GSX-R1000, the Hayabusa, and the GSX-S1000.
  • The concept GSX symbolizes the high-performance bikes that bear the GSX name. It gives form to Suzuki’s inline-four sportbike-making spirit and evokes a cocoon from which the company’s future sportbike models will be born.



Production Models


Hayabusa / V-Strom 1000 ABS / GSX-S1000 ABS / GSX-S1000F ABS / GSR250 (called the GW250/INAZUMA in markets outside Japan) / DR-Z50




Electric Mobility Scooter


Production Model