Suzuki Aims to Regain Its Market-Leading Position

Hungary’s leading hybrid distributor is optimistic about the future. - After a low point in April, Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s monthly sales figures have been showing a serious growth. Hybrid Suzuki models are very popular among the customers, so it is a realistic objective for the leading hybrid distributor in Hungary to regain its market-leading position in the last two quarters of 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has set back the whole automotive industry, and during the hardest months (March-April 2020), the number of new car registrations dropped over 50% in comparison with the same period of the previous year. Then with easing of restrictions and the restart of the economy, the demand for new cars was on the rise again. We sold 697 new Suzuki cars in May, and this number was doubled in June and has been growing ever since. The two crowd-favourite models produced in Hungary lead the sales charts in August. 755 Vitaras and 634 SX4-SCROSS models were registered in that month. Regarding annual sales, the Vitara dominates the market with 3610 purchases, while the SX4-SCROSS is the 4th on the list with 2769 models sold. Suzuki’s two small cars, the Swift and the Ignis were also popular, selling 744 and 379 models respectively throughout the year.

Based on the above data, Suzuki is in the second place with 9.7% after the first 8 months of the year, falling behind Toyota with only 0.38%.

In order for the Suzuki fleet to meet all the new environmental requirements introduced in 2020, the company has hybridised its whole range, and Magyar Suzuki Corporation has become Hungary’s biggest hybrid distributor, offering a relevant hybrid drive for all of its models. City cars and SUVs have received a 12V and a 48V hybrid drive, respectively. The luggage compartment’s size and the car weight remained basically the same, so the cars maintained their familiar agility.

“The focus of Suzuki’s autumn campaign is the full hybrid range. Our goal is to make the hybrid drive available for everyone. According to our dealers and the feedback provided by market research, hybrids are popular among customers, so I think regaining our market-leading role in the last two quarters is a realistic objective” – said Mr. János Hársfalvi, Marketing Director at Magyar Suzuki Corporation.