Suzuki Affirmed ALLGRIP for All People at Paris Motor Show

With the new Ignis joining its line-up of four-wheel drive vehicles, Suzuki carefully reflected on its years of success in developing four-wheel drive technologies and decided to group them together under the ALLGRIP name to bring their value to a broader audience.



Suzuki is now making it possible for each customer to choose an ALLGRIP variant that best suits their lifestyle by announcing the following three subcategories:


ALLGRIP AUTO gives the driver peace of mind in everyday driving, especially when driving on slippery roads or snowy surfaces. With the viscous coupling four-wheel drive system, torque is automatically distributed to the rear wheels when it detects the front wheel losing its grip of the road. The new Ignis is equipped with ALLGRIP AUTO.


ALLGRIP SELECT provides the inherent values "Fun to drive", "Peace of mind" and "High fuel efficiency” by allowing the driver to choose from four driving modes (auto, sport, snow, and lock). The electronically controlled four-wheel drive system with selectable drive mode uses a simple push-and-turn dial so the driver can experience different driving styles depending on the road surface or conditions. ALLGRIP SELECT is available currently on the Vitara and SX4 S-CROSS.


ALLGRIP PRO offers high off-road ability to meet the driver’s spirit of adventure, and gives the driver strength to face and explore the challenges. With the part-time four-wheel drive system with reduction gear, ALLGRIP PRO can satisfy the driving performance required by professionals to instantly respond and manoeuvre through difficult terrain. The Jimny is equipped with ALLGRIP PRO.

To support each and every customer in expanding their range of activities and enhancing their diverse lifestyles, Suzuki will continue providing greater peace of mind and a growing variety of pleasures and adventures that customers can enjoy when driving a vehicle with ALLGRIP.