Renewed Vitara arrives soon

We do not need to wait for long for the renewed Vitara as the upgraded model will be available for Hungarian customer from fall. New Vitara is a stylish and exciting offspring of its ancestor: the most popular model in Hungary and Suzuki’s latest success contains numerous new safety features.

Renewed form

With new exterior form and solutions Vitara arrives soon to Hungarian dealerships. Exciting new elements were added to the well-known previous outlook. New LED units were added to tail lights, while front grille and bumper were reshaped. The car is also available in two new colours and with 17 inch alloy wheels.

Material of dashboard cover was changed to a more pleasant and sophisticated one and colour screen is now part of the redesigned instrument cluster. In the passenger compartment there is a renewed ornament stripe.

Developed safety technology

New Suzuki Vitara contains many safety technology and driver supporting features such as DSBS (Dual sensor brake support).

Besides cruise control, smart security functions are added to Vitara, eg. BSM (blind spot monitoring), VSW (vehicle sway warning) and RCTA.

The greatest change in new Vitara is that 1.6L petrol engine is replaced by 1,0 and 1.4 Boosterjet turbo engine. The much smaller, dynamically-powered, turbocharged engine offers Vitara a brand new driving experience.