Regarding vehicles equipped with diesel engines in the European markets

On January 23, 2020, Suzuki Motor Corporation (“Suzuki”) became aware of a letter sent by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to the Dutch Parliament, which refers to the Suzuki Vitara and S-Cross (Euro 6b diesel).

These versions – which are currently no longer in production – were equipped with diesel engines produced by Fiat Chrysler Automobile (“FCA”). Also, from November 2016, a software update developed by FCA was implemented by way of service campaign after providing notification thereof to RDW (the Netherlands Vehicle Authority).

The RDW Emission Test Programme report published in July 2017 indicated that with regard to the concern relating to the emissions control raised at that time, after the software update, the admission requirements were complied with and that RDW would continue to test the software in place before the service update.

On November 14, 2019, Suzuki received a 107-page test report relating to the Suzuki Vitara Euro 6b diesel and written in the Dutch language, from RDW. That report describes the results of various emission tests carried out during a period of more than two years. Also, Suzuki received an English version of such test report on December 20, 2019.

This test report indicates certain irregularities. Suzuki is requested to respond to the test report by mid-February 2020. Suzuki will continue to fully and sincerely cooperate with the investigation undertaken by RDW in relation to this matter.