Record attendance at the Family Day of Magyar Suzuki

The Company enriched the lives of its employees with memorable memories

A record number of 8,000 participants, dozens of colorful programs and 4 live concerts: this year’s Family Day of Magyar Suzuki Corporation was a huge success. This event is of particular importance in the life of the company, as it is a great opportunity to express appreciation and recognition to all employees. It is important to highlight that 71% of MSC own employees are working more than 10 years at the Company. Besides celebrating colleagues who are part of the Suzuki family for 5-10-15-20-25 years, employees could enjoy memorable moments with their family members.

Celebration of togetherness
Escape room, VR games, laser tag, Japanese specialties, Megaring adventure park, bouncy castle world, climbing wall: Magyar Suzuki Corporation awaited its thousands of employees with many colorful programs on the so called „Switch to Higher Gear, Suzuki!” Family Day, held on 7 September at Prímás Island. Each year, the purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity to the employees to spend an unforgettable day with their loved ones, friends and colleagues, away from the workdays.

From all of the programs, which was assembled taking into account the needs of people of all ages, the boat trip and the city train trips proved to be the most attractive programs, but the concerts of TNT and JETLAG bands were also extremely popular. On the evening dance festivities with amazing fireworks, young and old celebrated together.

It is good to be the part of the Suzuki Family
In July Magyar Suzuki Corporation closed its strongest month during its 27-year history, every fourth car sold was a Suzuki, which provided a special occasion for the celebration, as each Suzuki colleague could be proud of this result.

In addition to the shared experiences, the family day of Suzuki is an excellent opportunity for awarding colleagues who are part of the Suzuki family for 5-10-15-20-25 years. Managing Director of Magyar Suzuki Corporation, Yoshinobu Abe thanked 354 employees personally for their persistent work.