New Managing Director at Magyar Suzuki Corporation

Yoshinobu Abe has been appointed to the position of Managing Director at Magyar Suzuki Corporation (MSC). The former MD, Naoyuki Takeuchi, has been promoted within the parent company, Suzuki Motor Corporation.



Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its foundation, Magyar Suzuki Corporation will be headed by a new Managing Director, Yoshinobu Abe. Mr. Abe has been working for Suzuki Group since 1978, holding several positions at the Japanese headquarters and in international areas. He graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo as Bachelor of International Economics.


Mr. Abe started his career in the Global Automobile Marketing Division of Suzuki Motor Corporation. The first 12 years of his career were spent in gaining professional experience in dealing with the Central and South American markets, and then the North American market, as well as projects in India and Pakistan. In 1990 Mr. Abe was put in charge of controlling the New Zealand and Australian business operations from SMC Hamamatsu headquarters; then in 1992 he eventually took over as Managing Director at Suzuki New Zealand. In 1997 he went back to Hamamatsu, to the Global Automobile Marketing Division, in charge of the North American market, and then became Sales and Marketing Director of American Suzuki. 2 years later he became Managing Director of Suzuki Canada. 4 years later, in 2004, he became General Manager heading a project at Suzuki India, and in 2010 he became MD of Suzuki Great Britain.


He is currently President of Suzuki Europe, and he will remain in the position, performing that duty in parallel to his new MD position at Magyar Suzuki.


He is married and he has three children. In his spare time he enjoys composing songs and playing various musical instruments.