Major children's rights conference on 17 topics with Suzuki's sponsorhip

UNICEF Hungary is organizing a full-day conference on the occasion of the World Children's Day on 16 November at the Akvárium Club. The free event will bring together parents, grandparents, educators and professionals working with children to discuss critical issues affecting young people. The main sponsor of the event is Magyar Suzuki Corporation.

"Our children today are exposed to multiple dangers from many sources, for which they have neither the experience nor the means to tackle. Often it is their environment that is most powerless to protect the most vulnerable members of society, due to a lack of knowledge or tools. This is why Magyar Suzuki has been supporting UNICEF Hungary's work to protect the mental health of children and young people in Hungary for three years now" - says Zsuzsanna Bonnár-Csonka, leader of our company’s corporate communications, about the background of the support.

Pandemics, wars, economic changes - just some of the challenges we have all faced in recent years, all of which have an impact on our mental health. Children are in a particularly difficult situation, with research showing that globally 1 in 7 young people suffer from a mental health disorder, mainly anxiety or depression.

The About Every Child, For Every Child conference aims to explore the most pressing difficulties and possible solutions to the challenges young people face on a daily basis, with the help of 40 renowned experts on 17 key topics. The event will address issues such as a violence-free childhood, the impact of early experiences, the importance of early childhood development, school abuse, bullying, the challenges of parenthood, the benefits and dangers of artificial intelligence, and social responsibility among other topics.

The event is free but registration is required. Come along if your time and shift schedule allows. The detailed programme is available on the UNICEF Hungary website. In case you cannot attend the conference, panel discussions will be published later on the UNICEF Hungary website.