Magyar Suzuki Zrt will keep all its employees and provide payment of wages despite the current epidemiological situation.

We are doing our utmost to ensure our company will return to normal operation as soon as possible. When that happens, we will count on all of our staff. During this temporary period, uninterrupted payment of wages is guaranteed to every person employed by Magyar Suzuki Zrt. The options for downtime, reorganization of working time, home office, and paid holiday are available to all employees. We have informed labor hire companies that we suspend their services due to the coronavirus epidemic situation. Once production is back to normal, we intend to renew their contracts. We are counting on members of our hired workforce as soon as production restarts. We are now working on a very favorable returning bonus to offer. In the meantime, Magyar Suzuki Zrt provides accommodation for those who cannot return to their homes due to travel restrictions. We strive to transfer more and more hired workforce into our company's own safe employment. We trust the unprecedented situation caused by the pandemic will be soon resolved and we are able to restart production in Esztergom as soon as possible. At this moment, however, our priority lies in the safety of our employees.