Magyar Suzuki Team Collectively Acts for a Sustainable Future

Suzuki aims at developing vehicles which are more environmentally conscious and more economic both in production and operation, keeping the principle of sustainability in mind. Besides Magyar Suzuki’s continuous optimization of its operation along these principles, Suzuki community pays special attention to collecting hazardous waste. With the collaboration of colleagues, organized waste collection has been going on for years, the results of which are always summarized on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

Sustainability is important both in case of production and operation of models
As a company committed to environmental protection and sustainability, the parent company of Magyar Suzuki also does its share in creating a cleaner, greener future. Currently the corporate group concentrates on reducing pollutant emission worldwide both in case of the cars manufactured by them, and throughout the production process. It is in that spirit that Magyar Suzuki achieved a remarkable result in reducing the so-called VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission last year, since the emission of these compounds in the Esztergom factory decreased by 15% on annual level in 2019 compared to 2018.

Colleagues too, join forces for a greener future
The cohesive community of Magyar Suzuki employees does a lot to protect the environment in their everyday life as well. For instance, they collect used frying oil, the disposal of which – due to its environmentally polluting effect – is a serious problem for households. The Suzuki team collected and sent for recycling a remarkable amount of 500 liters in one year.

Besides, used battery collectors placed in the offices of Suzuki help in properly storing hazardous waste. During the last two years, colleagues collected 850 kilograms of used batteries.