Magyar Suzuki: Shining anniversary stamped by excellent results

Magyar Suzuki Corporation achieved EUR 1,976 million in sales revenues in 2015, up 28% from the year before, the company told journalists at a press conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of its foundation. Sales of own-production cars rose from 150,578 in 2014 to 181,115 in 2015. Suzuki expects further sales growth.

“The Suzuki Group will be celebrating its 100th anniversary of foundation in 2020 and yet at the same time Magyar Suzuki joined the Suzuki Group 25 years ago and has been able to contribute to Suzuki Group’s Growth” said CEO of Magyar Suzuki Naoyuki Takeuchi at the press conference today. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its foundation, Magyar Suzuki has declared its determination to continue its ever-growing operation in Hungary in line with the group’s core values, building on the strength lying in its 100 years of experience and its potential of permanent renewal and innovation. “As a member of Suzuki Group, we are constantly finding ways to increase our know-how and improve our experience in production and production technology; in this, the Japanese factory provides guidance through its standards of quality,” Takeuchi pointed out.


Sales revenues of Magyar Suzuki were close to EUR 1,976 million in 2015, up 28% from the EUR 1,539 million in 2014. “Of the total sales, exports represented EUR 1,854 million in 2015, while the rest came from sales in Hungary, where this performance propelled Suzuki to re-capture the market leading position,” said Executive General Manager Róbert Krisztián at the press conference. Sales of own-production cars grew from 150,578 in 2014 to 181,115 in 2015, up 20%. “As it can clearly be seen from the figures, sales revenues grew much more than the number of units sold, due to the fact that a more expensive model, the Vitara was introduced and became successful on the market soon,” Krisztián explained.


In the last financial year, which ended with March 2016, Suzuki sold 206,702 new cars in Europe. In order to support the increased sales volumes and high demand of Vitara first of all, Magyar Suzuki produced Jan-May this year 89,263 cars, which were exported to over 100 countries.

Krisztián mentioned that besides the Vitara, the Swift and the S-Cross, also made in Hungary, performed well too. Suzuki plans to reach sales of yearly 300,000 new cars in Europe in the medium term.


“Magyar Suzuki’s 25 years of history echoes the Hungarian and global events of the past quarter of a century: Hungary’s revival after the change of the political and economic systems and the fall and recovery of the global car market,” Head of Communication Viktória Ruska of Magyar Suzuki pointed out. “We hope that the next 25 years will be a period of stable and unwavering production, years that will witness further spreading of pioneering innovative solutions and, as has always been the case at Suzuki, years marked by the presence of loyal and committed colleagues,” said Ruska.