Magyar Suzuki releases figures for 2013

Following Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s (MSC) Annual General Meeting, the company has published its key figures for 2013. Due to the success of the SX4 S-Cross, in 2013 MSC topped its performance of the year before.

Rising to 161,106 units in 2013, production grew by 3.2 % in 2013 from 156,070 in 2012. Sales of own production cars totaled 157,755 units. Total sales turnover rose to a record, EUR 1,567 million, up 11.6 % from 2012. Total export sales of own production cars grew to 153,748 units, up over 1,000 units from 2012. Broken down by models, this means 45,879 Swift, 32,195 Splash/Agila, 37,359 SX4, and 38,315 SX4 S-Cross models. Export sales totaled EUR 1,439.5 million.


In 2013 MSC produced 161,106 units, of which 42,161 were S-Cross, 32,994 Splash/Agila, 48,163 Swift, and 37,788 SX4.


Domestic sales of own production cars totaled 4,007 units, up 15.2 % from 2012. Of these, 1,626 were Swift, 704 Splash, 1,318 SX4 and 359 SX4 S-Cross. On top of these, 68 units sold on the domestic market were imported. Domestic sales totaled EUR 31 million.


Magyar Suzuki’s 2013 motorcycle sales increased by 159.5 %, to more than twice the figure in 2012. As a result, the manufacturer’s market share soared from 4.7 % in 2012 to 11.5 % in 2013. This propelled Suzuki from 6th position the year before to 2nd in 2013 among brands.


Acquisition-based investment at MSC was EUR 155.7 million in 2013. The company projects a production of 154,000 units for 2014, with the projection continuously monitored and adjusted to current market demands. At the end of the year the Esztergom plant will make preparations for the production of the iv–4 model, scheduled to start there at the beginning of 2015.