Magyar Suzuki – On the Top for the 5th Time

– With 14 783 passenger cars registered, Suzuki reached an 11,55 percent market share on the domestic new passenger car market in 2020. The brand – primarily thanks to its domestically produced Vitara and SX4 S-CROSS models – has been leading new passenger car sales in Hungary for five years.

Unstoppably leading the market

After 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Suzuki closed 2020 with nice domestic sales results despite the epidemic situation. A total number of 14 783 Suzuki passenger cars were registered in 2020 based on the new car sales statistics of Datahouse. The 11,55 percentage of the total number of passenger cars commissioned last year – 128 031 units – were Suzuki models.

Two Suzuki models on top

Vitara – manufactured in Esztergom since 2015 and renewed autumn 2018 – leads the SUV category, along with the passenger car category with 30,19 percent segment-share. A total of 6 882 units was registered from the model between 1st January and 31st December 2020. The 3.5 millionth Esztergom made Suzuki car also became a hybrid version of the crowd favorite Vitara model last year. Magyar Suzuki has started the serial production of hybrid vehicles in Esztergom in December 2019. Since January 2020, the company has been selling hybrid cars for the EU market. Thanks to the Hybrid Pro 3+7 year warranty covering the engine, the transmission, the turbo unit and the hybrid elements, combined with the country-wide service network and of course the well-known quality of the brand, new car buyers welcomed Suzuki’s alternative drive system models well. As a result, hybrid vehicles made up 65 percent of production volume in 2020.

In the TOP 3 models of the new passenger car market, the domestically manufactured SX4 S-CROSS ranks second. The model is popular among both private and fleet customers. By the end of the year, a total number of 5 578 models were sold from the most popular lower-middle-class new car in Hungary, which is 18,44 percent of all lower-middle-class models sold (30 247 units). Thus, the model ranks first in the mid-range.

The two models are being produced by about 2,800 workers and 770 robots in two shifts at the Hungarian Suzuki factory, at the foot of Pilis Mountains.

From other models of Suzuki produced abroad but also available in Hungary 1401 pieces of Swift, 618 pieces of Ignis, 194 pieces of Jimny were registered in 2020. In the B-segment, the combined segment share of the Swift and Ignis models takes 13,38 percent.

The company has also started selling two new import hybrid models in Europe. 35 pieces have been registered from the SUV Across – that can also be charged from an electric network –, and 74 was commissioned from Swace models equipped with hybrid system in 2020 in the form of pre-sales. The full market introduction of the two models will start in Hungary in January.

Thanks to its own production and import models, Magyar Suzuki Corporation thus offers customers a full range of hybrid alternatives.