Magyar Suzuki is Ready to Start Production Again

Magyar Suzuki Corporation has introduced healthcare and safety measures which are more complex than any other measure before, so the Esztergom factory is ready to start production again. Parallelly, the company continuously analyzes the development of markets, it monitors occurrent domestic and foreign governmental measures and, in light of all these, it reviews the date of restart on a weekly basis. Magyar Suzuki will presumably start production on 27 April 2020., in a one-shift work schedule.

As a responsible employer, Magyar Suzuki Corporation developed the safest possible working conditions for its employees during the last few weeks.

Taking government provisions and procedures suggested by competent official authorities into consideration, the company reorganized its operational processes, in order to ensure a safe distancing and indoor- and outdoor hygiene in every respect, as required by the emergency healthcare situation.

The extremely strict anti-virus measures cover, among others, the transportation of employees to work, the entry system, the use of medical protective equipment, the catering, the frequency of disinfection, and the regulation of home office and travelling abroad as well.