Magyar Suzuki is at its peak in 3 decades

Suzuki closed its strongest month during its 27-year history in Hungary, in July every 4th sold car was owned by the brand

In July 3,944 new Suzuki cars were commissioned into traffic, making Magyar Suzuki with its 25.8 percent market weight to the only player in the domestic passenger car market who owns a two-digit share. From the total number of passenger cars registered in July in Hungary, 21,4 percent was Vitara and SX4 S-CROSS, both made in the Esztergom factory, the only European manufacturing unit of the Japanese company, where a full-scale vehicle manufacture takes place. The two models have been alternately leading domestic sales statistics for month. The third most popular Suzuki model in the Hungarian market, Swift cannot complain either: 338 units were registered in July. Looking at the first seven months of 2019, 17,41 percent of total vehicle sales came from the models of the brand.

Customers continue to prefer domestic products
Based on the new car sales statistics of Datahouse, 3,944 Suzuki passenger cars were registered in Hungary in July 2019, which is 25,8 percent of the total number of passenger cars commissioned (15,284 pcs) this year. 25 percent of Suzuki cars registered so far this year were commissioned in July, which is a record figure in the 27-year history of the Hungarian company. The market share of the brand increased with 6,5 percent from 19,3 percent in just one month.

Vitara, made in Esztergom since 2015 and renewed last fall, from which more than half a million has already been made in Hungary, leads the SUV category, along with the passenger car category with 32,36 percent segment-share. A total of 6,956 units were registered from the model between January 1 and July 31 2019, from this 1,863 registered only in July, which is almost the one and a half months average of Vitara sales.

Every third car commissioned to individuals was a Suzuki in July, while 27 percent of the newly registered passenger car belonged to the brand during the first 7 month of the year. This means that with 9748 sold car Suzuki is the most frequent choice of individual car buyers. Sales data also shows that Suzuki became more popular with fleet customers: two of its models are in line for the podium.

The biggest competitor is another model of the brand
In the TOP 3 models of the total passenger car market SX4 S-CROSS ranks second, which is manufactured also domestically and is becoming increasingly popular among both private and fleet customers, insomuch that it outrun market leader Vitara in several months this year. The former is the most popular model in the low-mid range, the most units, 1,415 pcs were sold from S-CROSS in July, which is 31,36 percent of all low-mid-range models sold (4511). The manufacture of the two models is done by 3,200 workers and 770 robots in two shifts at the foot of Pilis mountains. "With the abrogated engine, the prices of the two models have converged, so interest in SX4 S-CROSS has grown, but we still see more potential in Vitara in the long run" – commented on the sales trends of the company so far this year, Róbert Krisztián, operative manager of Magyar Suzuki Corporation.

Suzuki Baleno could also get into the TOP 15 in July from the models of the company: a total of 249 units were sold last month, compared with 430 in the first six months of the year. So nearly half of the Balenos registered this year got to the roads in last month.

The results justify the ambitious plans
“The company plans to produce 185,000 units in 2019, the original unit target was 179,000. In the light of the results of the first half of the year, we can reasonably hope to achieve this goal. Thanks to our excellent and committed employees and partners, we expect Magyar Suzuki to further enhance its three-year market leadership position in 2019. Thanks to the outstanding figures, I think all our employees will enjoy better the well-derved summer vacation” – added the operative manager. According to Róbert Krisztián, the key to success is the efficient implementation of the company's business strategy. “Vitara and SX4 S-CROSS are school examples for the endeavor our company to create exciting and innovative cars affordable for all consumer stratums by focusing in the needs of our customers, to make people's lives easier.”