Magyar Suzuki Increased its Revenue by 23% Last Year

The company announced its 2019 business results. - In 2019 Magyar Suzuki sold 194.447 vehicles in 123 countries, with this, the company increased its sales by 13,13 percent compared to the year before. Altogether 185 002 Esztergom made passenger cars – 133 515 Vitara models and 51 487 SX4 S-CROSS models – found an owner in 2019. Last year, the company led the domestic car market with a confident 16,32% share, by this dominating domestic new car sales for the fourth year in a row. Magyar Suzuki Corporation closed 2019 with a 2409,6 million EUR net revenue.

Not only popular in Hungary, it sells well worldwide too
The net revenue from domestic sales of Magyar Suzuki Corporation in 2019 was 343,3 mln EUR, namely a 23% increase as compared to the previous year. The net revenue deriving from export sales was 2066,3 mln EUR, 23,5% higher compared to 2018. 88 percent of last year's production - 168,774 pieces - was made for export.

After 2016, 2017 and 2018, in 2019 Suzuki led the Hungarian car market again
Suzuki increased its market share by 2,2% compared to 2018, and by this closed its year with a sales record for the fourth time in a row in the domestic market. 25.766 Suzuki passenger cars were registered in Hungary in 2019. The favorite new car model of the Hungarians was unanimously Vitara again, 12.106 units were registered between 1 January and 31 December 2019. The crowd favorite series reached several milestones last year. The 500.000th Vitara was produced, and the company started the series production of hybrid versions of the model. Moreover, only hybrid driven Vitara and SX4 S-CROSS passenger cars are produced in Esztergom for the EU market this year. Among the TOP 3 models of the passenger car market, Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS took the second place on the imaginary podium. Altogether 9.246 units were sold from the most popular C-segment new car in Hungary until the end of 2019. This is 21,66% of all cars sold in this category (42.680 pcs), so the model occupies the first place in the segment.
16,32% of all commissioned passenger cars – 157.906 units – were Suzukis in Hungary last year. Beside a stagnating European market, the Hungarian passenger car market expanded by 15,6% in its volume, including Suzuki, with its 33,55% growth. The outstanding results of the brand contribute to the performance of the whole domestic market.

Remarkable performance on four and two wheels, as well as on water
Suzuki not only strengthened its position in the automotive segment but in the motorcycle and outboard engine categories as well. Magyar Suzuki has sold 33.867 motorcycles and 6.003 outboard engines in the domestic and foreign markets since 2005. Suzuki Marine has been the CEE region center since 2017, and is a market leader in Hungary with 567 registered outboard engines. The division exported 1.469 outboard engines in 2019 to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Albania. The Motorcycle branch of Magyar Suzuki Corporation has been the distributor with the largest market share for five years in Europe within the Suzuki Group. The company commissioned 575 motorcycles last year in Hungary, increasing its sales by 24%. The favorite new Suzuki motorcycle model of the Hungarians, V-Strim 650, had also taken its place in the TOP 3 list of all motorcycles registered in Hungary. Magyar Suzuki Corporation sold cars, motorcycles, and outboard engines for 123 countries in 2019, including Hungary.

2019, the year of acknowledgements
Since 1 April 2019 Magyar Suzuki has been the spare part and accessory base of the Japanese company group in Europe. Hence, the logistic hub in Esztergom has become a significant vehicle industry center of Central-Europe. The co-workers of the company ensured the storage and handling of 30 truckloads of products a day in 2019, which have arrived from 700 suppliers, in 16% Hungarian partners to the logistics and supply center. Within the frameworks of creating the logistics center, the company strengthened its organizational structure and digitalized its internal part supply system, moreover, it created approximately 80 new workplaces within the Esztergom factory. They delivered 125 truckloads of parts and spare parts on average into 120 countries a week to distributors of 5 continents and dealerships from the largely automated complex last year.

As an innovative corporation, Magyar Suzuki successfully continued its GINOP-project - holding many elements of industry 4.0 – started in 2016. The aim of the multi-partnership project is to increase competitiveness.

The company and its models received a number of international and Hungarian recognitions last year:
• Magyar Suzuki won a prize at the Japanese – CEE Investment Summit in 2019. At the international event aiming at the strengthening of investment relations between global investors and CEE countries, 22 companies were awarded among 49 Japanese companies, in 9 categories. Magyar Suzuki received an award in the category of the best CEE vehicle industrial investor, among such outstanding nominees as Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland, Honda Motor Europe or Pilkington Automotive Poland.
• Among the awarded for the Best Website in 2019, website received a Quality Award on the Website of the Year 2019 competition, issued by the Hungarian Marketing Association and the Internet Marketing Division.
• Based on the votes of 140.000 car-loving professional, among them 8000 Hungarian readers, Vitara became the most popular Crossover at the Best Cars 2019 award, at the usual yearly survey of Autó Magazine and Vezess.

Success is for the colleagues
“The 2019 successes of Magyar Suzuki, now, as always, are joint successes with our team – colleagues, partners, suppliers and our dealership network in Hungary and in other countries –, since we work, develop and progress together, every day” – dr. Ildikó Fejesné Gyurján, Operative Manager responsible for HR, Finances and IT commented the results. “It is our great joy and pride that more than 70% of our own colleagues have been accompanying us on this road for more than 10 years within the company’s bound” – the manager added.