Magyar Suzuki Corporation finds it important to pay bonuses, even amidst current situations

According to the management of Magyar Suzuki Corporation, employee performance must be valued even in difficult situations. Hence, despite the present epidemiological and economic situation, the company decided – according to the agreement with the Works Council – to pay the workers a bonus in June, as an acknowledgement of the productive common work and successes achieved in 2019.

It is important that by this decision Magyar Suzuki Corporation is able to support its employees to the best of its possibilities, as they did earlier as well. The company applied an altogether 30,5% wage increase in 2018 and 2019, in the circle of physical employees. This year, in 2020, a 13,4-percent wage increase was given to physical employees, while the average wage increase was 12 percent at the company. The raise, counted retrospectively from the beginning of this year, was given to the workers of the company already in March.