Magyar Suzuki Corp. offers its own casco insurance

Magyar Suzuki Corp. began the second quarter by introducing its own casco insurance. Suzuki Casco was created exclusively for Suzuki car owners. The insurance product, providing uniquely favourable conditions, can only be bought at authorised Suzuki dealerships. The insurance partner of Suzuki Casco is Allianz Hungária Kft.

When competent and qualified mechanics service Suzuki cars by building in original parts, it serves the customer’s interests, as lifetime is prolonged, reliability is increased, and so is customer satisfaction. Non-authorised services falsely promise “cost effective” solutions to customers: building in non-genuine parts always bears a risk; therefore, it is strongly advisable to use original parts and rely on certified expertise.


Magyar Suzuki Corp. aims to make the use of the manufacturer’s service attractive by involving partner insurance agencies through the harmonious operation of the sale-service-spare parts fields. For this, Magyar Suzuki Corp.’s own casco insurance offers great opportunities: it expands the repairability limit to 100% while the co-insurance is halved. A further advantage is that the breakdown service will be free up to HUF 300,000, and customers will not have to pay for windscreen change, either.


With the new casco insurance, Magyar Suzuki Corp. successfully worked out a deal for car owners, which shows long-term return, too. The lifetime of cars serviced and maintained this way will be prolonged, which will make them more valuable in secondary market sales - not a negligible fact for Suzuki car owners. Thus, the reliability and evaluation of the brand will improve among consumers, so the recently introduced deal contributes to the strengthening of customer confidence.