Knowledge-sharing for Environmental Protection at Magyar Suzuki

The company supports its suppliers in obtaining environmental management system certification

As a responsible company, Magyar Suzuki develops and optimizes its production and manufacturing processes in Esztergom factory considering environmentally and economically sustainable production and operation. In order to achieve this, the company continuously decreases its energy usage and its industrial waste, while increases the proportion of reusable waste. The technological process management system applied in Esztergom meets the standards of ISO14001:2015 environmental management and ISO9001:2015 quality assurance systems. This knowledge is shared by Suzuki with its suppliers, and with the professional support of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) 5 Hungarian suppliers received Environmental Focused Management training.

The companies that participated in the joint training of Magyar Suzuki and HIPA, formerly did not have the ISO14001 environmental certification. The 3-day trainings were held at the premises of the companies with 2 colleagues from each partner. The aim of the training was to prepare the suppliers for the upcoming environmental audit and to obtain the ISO14001 certification.

The company regularly supports the development of its suppliers with the support of HIPA and the cooperation of other professional organizations: innovation management training of Hungarian suppliers started five years ago, while from the beginning of next year, innovation project management trainings will also be organized for more than a dozen Hungarian suppliers. In addition to these, Suzuki lays emphasis on supporting its suppliers with company-specific trainings too.

‘Many of our suppliers have been our partners since we began our operation in Hungary. Thanks to the continuous dialogue in our mutual partnership, development, and knowledge sharing, Magyar Suzuki Corporation has the biggest and – in our opinion – the best domestic supplier system among the Hungarian car manufacturers. More than 4500 car parts arrive to our Esztergom factory from our suppliers, 30-40% of them are Hungarian partners. This way Magyar Suzuki contributes greatly to the growth of local companies’ – shared the background of the responsibility towards suppliers Dr. László Urbán, Deputy CEO.