In motion: “Then and Now” Vehicle Expo 2019 opened

Active family recreation programs for two days in Esztergom! Veteran rarities inviting to time-travel, exciting rally cars, concerts with great atmosphere, spectacular paper lantern parade on river Kis-Duna, action programs for traffic safety, crime prevention and disaster management, and many sport activities for all members of the family await visitors at this year's “Then and Now” Vehicle Expo. Magyar Suzuki Corporation, the name sponsor of the diverse event, prepared a great surprise: Jimny, which won the title of the World Urban Car of the Year, will first introduce itself to the Hungarian public at the Nagy-Duna walkway.

“Then and Now” Vehicle opened its gates in Esztergom for the fourth time. The central theme of this unique vehicle history review this year is the importance of physical activity and sport, which we should not give up because of the modern technology. Therefore, in addition to the breathtaking rally car show, visitors can take part in activities that encourage the whole family to do sports during the two-day free event. Besides the boosting for athletic lifestyle, the organizers also prepared other educational and health care programs. For example, the Power is in Moving - Esztergom Running and Sport Day offers health screening and blood donation as well. Additionally, there will be road safety contest, electric bicycle testing, and also crime prevention and disaster management will get a significant role. In the name of the latter, there is even a car wreck-ignition!

For the already traditional vehicle-event, the name sponsor arrived with a great hit. “Every year, the organizers work hard to add new elements to the programs, so we also prepared a surprise. Our guest of honor is the all-new Jimny – which was recently chosen as the World Urban Car of the Year in New York – debuts here and now in front of the Hungarian audience. Besides the new version of the iconic offroader, our own-manufactured pride, Vitara, and the cool Swift Sport, arriving from Japan can be viewed in the Suzuki exhibition space. In addition, our marine and motorcycle divisions are represented by top models as well” – said Viktória Ruska, head of corporate communications of Magyar Suzuki Corporation.

Suzuki represents the most modern technological solutions at the vehicle industry time travel, so besides the exhibited models, it provides the visitors a glimpse behind the scenes of the factory. Those interested can attend an exclusive Suzuki factory visit with the help of special VR headset: they can look at a welding robot cell inside, which would not be possible in reality, or they can perform a multi-ton tool change of a large stamping machine using an industrial crane.

On April 30, after sunset, the special floating vehicles return to water again on river Kis-Duna. Magyar Suzuki Corporation will participate again this year at the spectacular paper lantern parade with its unique boat installation decorated with Japanese motifs by Magyar Suzuki.

It is still not late, let’s go to Esztergom! Detailed program and event information is available here: