In 2018 Suzuki led the market confidently

With 19,292 passenger cars registered in 2018, far exceeding 2017 results, Suzuki sets a new record once again in Hungary. The brand confidently dominated the market during the year, increasing its share to 14,1229 percent in the domestic passenger car market. Besides the expanding commercial offer joined by the new Swift Sport, the success can primarily be attributed to the sales of the popular locally manufactured models. Following its September 2018 facelift, Vitara is a continued success story, proved to be the number one favorite of Hungarian customers still with a total of 11,127 units sold.

Based on the new car sales statistics by Datahouse, a total of 19,292 Suzukis have been registered in 2018, which equals 14,1229 percent of the total passenger cars (136601) commissioned in Hungary. Total passenger car market expanded by 17,5 percent in which Suzuki’s growth on a volume base was 27,24 percent, by this means pulling upwards overall passenger car market.

Thus, for the third time after 2016 and 2017, Magyar Suzuki Corporation closed the year with record sales. Suzuki’s market share rose from 2017’s 13,04 percent to 14,1229 percent in 2018, placing it at the top of the domestic passenger cars’ segment.

Launched in the spring of 2015 and renewed in September 2018, Vitara, with its 21,8 percent segment share, was by far the most popular model again in the sport utility (SUV) category and along with it, all the passenger cars. Between 1 January and 31 December 2018, 11,127 units were registered of this model.

The other Esztergom-produced model, SX4 S-CROSS also reached nice results in the mid-size class becoming even more popular among both private and fleet customers. By the end of the year, a total of 4,816 SX4 S-CROSS models were sold in Hungary, securing the 2nd place in C segment with a market share of 10,64 percent.

In total passenger car market TOP 3 model ranking Vitara is No. 1 and S-CROSS takes 3rd position.

Swift Sport, renewed under the “SUZUKI NEXT 100” business plan and manufactured in Japan, was introduced to the Hungarian market summer with great success. Out of the other Suzuki models not manufactured in Esztergom but sold also in Hungary, 1,302 units of Swift, 559 units of Ignis, 765 units of Baleno, 47 units of Jimny, and 510 units of Celerio were sold in 2018. In B segment Swift, Ignis and Baleno combined market share takes 12,55 percent.

From sales viewpoint the results of the outstandingly successful year can also give a special reason for pride, according to the evaluation of Magyar Suzuki as due to the new emission measurement procedures introduced in 2018, the European, thus also the Hungarian car market have undergone a huge transformation. As a consequence of the regulations becoming tighter, the number of cars registered in the European Union decreased in the last quarter of the year compared to preceding year’s figures.
With the help of its global model offensive program, Suzuki successfully introduced new models and succeeded in maintaining the popularity of the domestic models at the same time, furthermore, in the case of the new Vitara, the top-selling model in Hungary, even increased their popularity. More and more companies choose Suzuki for their company fleet and Suzuki becomes more competitive among the traditional fleet brands. This means that Suzuki was able to increase its fleet sales in 2018, while successfully maintaining its market leader position in the private segment.