Flaar Ltd. and Magyar Suzuki Corp. to sail under the same colours

Magyar Suzuki Corp. and the innovative domestic boat manufacturer Flaar Ltd. have signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The main profile of Flaar Ltd. is sports, race and working boat production. According to the new agreement, from now on, Magyar Suzuki Corp. will be the exclusive supplier of gasoline engines to Flaar boats. The recently concluded long term strategic agreement was brought into being by market needs: as of now, customers can take over the Flaar hulls and Suzuki boat engines together as ready-to-start boats.


The agreement specifies the fundamentals of the co-operation, among which common product development and bilateral sales support of products developed during the co-operation are particularly important. Starting from now, Magyar Suzuki Corp. and Flaar brand strengthen each other with marketing communication, use of each other’s trade mark, joint training and educational programmes.


From now on, Hungarian visitors will meet the two brands together at events and exhibitions.


Magyar Suzuki Corp. is proud of its role in the motorisation of both inland and international navigation, which the company is now raising to a higher level with the long-term strategic agreement concluded with the Hungarian Flaar Ltd.