Finally arrived! MOL Limo strengthened with Suzuki.

From February, MOL Limo's fleet will be expanded with the addition of a class-leading Suzuki model, the Vitara. Thanks to its dynamic hybrid drive, high seating position, spacious passenger and luggage compartments and numerous driving assistance systems, the dominant passenger car on the Hungarian streetscape will provide the perfect mobility tool for users of MOL's community car-sharing service.

From 10 February, a new chapter in the life of Magyar Suzuki has begun as Vitaras join the MOL Limo fleet, bringing the popular model to the lives of commuter drivers and helping them with everyday tasks.

The Vitara's popularity is largely due to its distinctive, easily recognisable style, practical interior design and the powerful, yet low-consumption and low-carbon Boosterjet engine under the bonnet, which with its high tractive effort at low revs, is safe and dynamic, economical, nevertheless quiet on the motorway. Fuel and energy efficiency is further enhanced by a soft hybrid system, powered by a compact electric motor and a lithium-ion battery.

What continues to set the Vitara apart from its class rivals is the numerous driver assistance systems that make driving even safer. The Dual Sensor Brake Support warns in case of a collision hazard and, if there is an higher risk, helps to avoid trouble by increasing braking force or even applying the brakes automatically. A Rear Cross Traffic sensor monitors the traffic behind you 180 degrees and alerts the driver with an audible and visual warning in the event of an emergency. On long journeys, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping are useful features that alert the driver with audible and visual warnings and steering vibrations at speeds above 60 km/h, while Lane Keeping detects when the car is leaving its lane and automatically corrects to prevent a skid. And the traffic sign recognition camera helps the driver identify traffic signs. The car thus supports not only accident-free, but also orderly driving.

MOL Limo monthly fee users can use the Vitara for trips under 61 minutes for HUF 250 per km, while occasional users can use the Vitara for HUF 312 per km. The Suzuki is always ready to explore, making it an excellent choice for longer trips or a trip to the countryside. With the mileage-based rental scheme, it's available from as little as HUF 13,990 per day in the app.

"For us, feedback from users is of outstanding importance; it is a primary and necessary source of information for the continuous improvement of our service. We consider hybrid cars to be the most suitable for expanding our fleet, based on these and the utilisation data, and Suzuki is a great partner for this. We are confident that the new hybrid Suzuki Vitara passenger cars that are now joining the MOL Limo fleet will become a new favourite for people who choose to drive in public transport, thanks to their practicality and safe driving support system," said Bálint Vető, Managing Director of MOL Limo, about the new cars.

"It is part of Suzuki's core values to provide the joy of owning a car everywhere, for everyone who needs everyday transport. Through this partnership, we can now make everyday life easier for more people than ever before. We believe that the Vitara's practicality, dynamic drive and fuel-efficient hybrid system will bring a smile to the faces of MOL Limo users." - said András Varga, Head of Marketing of Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd.