Dr. László Urbán received the Ferenc Einczinger Award in recognition of his work in Esztergom

The Municipality of Esztergom awarded the Ferenc Einczinger Prize to Dr. László Urbán, Advisor to the Board of Directors of Magyar Suzuki Corporation, for his work in the economic development of the city and his outstanding contribution to Magyar Suzuki. The award was presented on 23 October by Mayor Ádám Hernádi at the City Hall.

The Assembly of the Municipality of the City of Esztergom recognizes the activities of those who have done outstanding work in the field of economic development of the city of Esztergom by awarding the Einczinger Ferenc Prize "For the Growth of Esztergom." Which work has had a positive impact on the prosperity of the city and the region. Dr László Urbán was Deputy Managing Director of Magyar Suzuki for more than 15 years until June this year. In the 32 years of its existence, the automotive manufacturing company has become a major player and employer not only in the region but also in Hungary.

After a career as an international economist, Dr. László Urbán joined Magyar Suzuki in 2002, first as an External Business Consultant. From 2007 to 2023, he contributed to the company's key achievements as a member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Managing Director. His responsibilities also included improving the company's government and industry relations, directing innovations and corporate communications. He played an indispensable role in achieving several milestones that have made Magyar Suzuki one of the leading players in the Hungarian economy and one of the most popular brands in the automotive sector. Magyar Suzuki's position within the Suzuki Group is stable: due to the fact that the Japanese parent company's only European production base, spare parts and accessories supply centre is operating in Esztergom, and the company’s leading position in new car sales since 2017. During Dr. László Urbán's tenure, the Magyar Suzuki plant has seen numerous innovations and developments and millions of Suzuki models rolling off the production line.

His work has been recognized on several occasions: in December 2011 he was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, and on 15 March 2018 he was awarded the Hungarian Cross of the Order of Merit.

On 23 October, Mayor Ádám Hernádi presented the Ferenc Einczinger Award to Dr. László Urbán at a ceremony at the City Hall, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the economic development of the city and his work at Magyar Suzuki.